5 easy steps to create your endurance training program

Hi, and welcome to the introduction to our article series on our coaching philosophy and how we (or you) create your endurance training plan.

Although it is a broad generalization, it is not far from the truth to say that all triathletes and swimrunners (endurance athletes in general?) love to train. Hard and often…Day out and day in. The more the merrier.

We believe that the training in itself is not the problem.

This is the introduction to our article series on how to create your endurance training program and our philosophy about how we do our training plans.

Unfortunately, we meet with too many athletes that assume that if they are not completely exhausted after each training session, then it was a waste of time. Add to this that it is all too common to train in a somewhat random fashion, without a clear race goal or training plan.

We believe that the approach to training is the problem.

Side note: this is why we started TOT Endurance, with its sub-brands TOT Triathlon and TOT Swimrun, in the first place.

Our training philosophy

Our training philosophy builds upon the understanding that it is not only about training but also about training with a purpose. So that your season becomes highly motivating and prepares you well for your big challenge.

Whether you are competing in triathlon or swimrun, and whether it’s short, medium or long distance, there are many things that have to fall into place. The journey to your main race is, to say the least, interesting and possibly somewhat tricky.

  • On the one hand, you have to balance family and work.
  • On the other hand, you need to spend relevant time on your training.

(Relax, it is possible to combine the two!)

5 steps to successful training and racing

In order for you to juggle everyday life and to succeed with your training and racing, we have developed five steps, with which we will help you to define your starting point, your goal and the required training effort. We help you to answer how much, how often, and how hard you should workout. All of this is put together in an individual endurance training program.

In this series of articles, we will walk you through, 

  1. How to start endurance training. With the knowledge of your mental and physical ability, you have a better chance to plan your season. We go through how you can make a self-assessment of your starting point.
  2. Endurance training and racing. Your training season will “revolve around” the main race. So, how do you identify it, and what are your training objectives?
  3. Training volume in endurance sports. Your capacity is slowly but surely built up during the season by a series of training sessions. Hours spent on training is, therefore, a central theme. How much and how often should you workout?
  4. Endurance training plan – How to periodize training. Again, it is not only about training but also about training with a purpose. This is where the individual plan, with the different phases, comes in. When do you train what?
  5. Endurance training zones – Intensity in training. Whether you base your training on heart rate, pace or effect, your training zones are the foundation for all training and racing. How hard should you workout, and how do you know what is enough?

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