The Swedish company with the legal business name Träna and Tävla Konditionsidrott Norden AB (559121–5156) provides services and products via the company’s own brands. “Träna and Tävla” are shortened to TOT, and brands included are:

  • TOT Endurance
  • TOT Triathlon
  • TOT Swimrun

In the text below, TOT Endurance is used as a collective name, which refers to both the company and to the respective brand.

When you provide personal information, for example when registering, or when purchasing a service or product, you will receive information about the so-called personal data processing.

Given that you complete registration, you give your consent to how we as a company treat your personal information.

Last updated 2019-05-25.

Handling of your personal data

At TOT Endurance, we keep a register of all customers and users who have registered or bought something from us. The register contains personal information such as name, social security number, postal address, telephone number, electronic addresses, delivery and payment and purchase information, profile based on address, and information based on the use of the digital services.

All data is safely stored in our cloud-based customer management system.

The data is used by TOT Endurance for invoicing, information, and delivery of services and products, as well as marketing, and as a basis for statistics and business development. The information can be the basis for us to be able to adapt content, ads and offers.

Data are also analyzed and grouped for selection, prioritization and planning of the contact with you as a customer and user. One or more tags are linked to the data about the type of adaptation of services, products and marketing communication that is aimed at you, so-called profiling.

As a customer and registered user of TOT Endurance, you agree that marketing can be done by mail, e-mail, and via other digital channels. Email marketing is regulated by the Swedish Marketing Act.

Your personal information is not disclosed to our partners. Personal data is, however, issued to the Swedish authority only where required with the support of Swedish law or governmental decisions.

As a customer and registered user, you have the right to withdraw consent without charge, request correction/deletion of any incorrect information or request a registry extract in writing.

The consent is valid until you terminate it yourself and do not cease if the service is not used. The consent is also not dependent on any purchase of services or products.


In order for us to make your experience as good as possible, your browser needs to be set so that you receive cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer. The cookie does not contain any personal information about you.

Cookies are used to store impersonal visitor statistics in Google Analytics, which we use to improve TOT Endurance and the services and products we provide. The cookie is stored on your computer until you delete it yourself.


In case you have questions regarding the handling of your personal data, please use this form.

Thanks in advance,
The Team at TOT Endurance

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