Triathlon race day checklist – All your essential gear

Our checklist for triathlon will help you to pack all the things you will need on race day. It also works as a pre-season buying guide.

When doing a triathlon race, there is a lot of gear that you need to bring. Combining three sports into one is fabulous, but logistics-wise?

Well, it leaves you with something to think about. And that is why we created this triathlon race day checklist for you to download.

Focus on the essentials

You have been training structured and disciplined for months coming up to this event. This is the culmination and reward of all that training.

So it will be a shame if you find yourself in the transition area, having forgotten something essential for your racing.

Minimize your stress

Okay, there is a lot to think about pre-race. So let us help you take your mind of some of it, helping out with this checklist for packing. Just follow our list, and you will have all the gear you need.

Examples of things that can be easy to forget. Probably not the bike, but a bicycle pump is typically a thing to miss in packing. And the same goes for the towel.

We suggest printing this list and ticking off the boxes while packing. That way, when you arrive at your race, you can focus on your race. Not where you put that body glide.

A buying guide

This packing list is equally good as a pre-season buying guide, as an inspiration for the beginner triathlete who is thinking about what gear you will need.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell

Download and start packing

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