Triathlon brick training explained

What is a brick session?

Triathlon brick training is a way of making training more race-like. And it is a great way to shake up the monotony of training. Brick sessions are a workout where you first ride your bike and follow up with a run directly after.

There are many benefits to doing your brick-sessions.

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Why is it called a brick session?

Well, there are many theories as to why it is called a brick. One popular explanation is that the name comes from your legs feeling like bricks when starting running after you get off the bike.

How often should you do it?

This all depends on your experience as a triathlete, what distance you are racing, and your goal. 

Short distance triathletes often do far more brick sessions than long-distance triathletes. This is because of the fast-paced racing that they do. And because at those speeds, every second count. So working on fast transitions is crucial. For triathletes who focuses on the Ironman-distance, the speed in transitions aren’t as important. With that said, even if you are a long-distance triathlete, you should still plan for a couple of brick-sessions.

You have to take your goal into consideration. Are you going for the podium? Then every second count.

How far should it be?

Again, depending on your chosen race distance.

Sprint- and Olympic-distance racers, the brick workouts will be in the range of half your race distance up to race-distance. If you are training to race a half-ironman, you’ll probably do brick-sessions that are about 25-50% of your race distance. Being a long-distance triathlete, the brick-sessions becomes less important per se, but the “big days” becomes even more important.

What can triathlon brick training look like?

How to do a BRICK session

Plan your T2

In what order are you doing each step coming off the bike, going into the run?

Prepare your gear

Place all your gear for the transition in order.

Do your bike session

During the last 5 minutes of your bike session, start planning for your transition.


Get out of your bike gear, and into your running gear.

Go run

You will feel stiff in the beginning, but don’t stress it!

triathlon brick training

What is the purpose of a brick session?

As with everything in training. You need to have a purpose with it, otherwise, what is the point of doing it? 

There are many benefits to doing your brick-sessions. The purposes can vary, for example here are a couple of things that you can focus on during the brick:

  • Getting comfortable in the transition from bike to run.
  • Getting the feel for going out for the run on tired legs.
  • Break the monotony of your regular training regiment.

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