How to calculate your training zones – free download

Understanding what intensity you should train at is crucial for you to build your capacity. For a kick-start, download our free calculator and set your training zones.

The framework of zone training is an essential building block for you as an aspirational endurance athlete. With it, you decide how much, how often, and how hard you should train at any given moment.

How to apply training zones?

The best part is that the structure and how to apply it is relatively straight forward. First, you define your lactate threshold (download our free test protocols). Second, you increase the level of where you stop being functional. Last, you extend the time that you can operate at that level.

Note that all our programs are designed to take testing and zone training into account. And if you want to develop as an athlete, your next step might be to sign up for a free individual swimrun or triathlon training plan.

How to set your training zones?

Well, the best way is to find out for yourself. Register below and download our calculator. With it, you are one step closer to your future best – count on that!

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