How to threshold test and set training zones – free download

Determine your lactate threshold with the tests we use in our training programs. Then set your training zones with the help of our calculator.

The overall scope of your training is, of course, to prepare you for your main event. Set aside your competition, if we look at the training in itself, the purpose is to:

  1. Determine your functional threshold. 
  2. Rise the level of where you stop being functional.
  3. Extend the time that you can operate at that level.

Therefore, understanding at what level of intensity you should train at is crucial for you to build your capacity effectively. And, at your disposal, you have the framework of zone training.

Note that I in this discussion equate the functional threshold and the lactate threshold.

How to test and calculate training zones

That said, to begin with, that raises (at least) two questions. And that is how you define your threshold, and set your training zones.

How do you determine your lactate threshold?

To decide where your threshold is, you can do tests. Unfortunately, there is no magical test that will define your functional threshold for all sports. That is because the level is sport-specific.
However, to help you out, you are free to download the tests that we use in all our training programs.

How do you set your training zones?

Once you have discovered your sport-specific functional threshold, you break your training down into training zones.
There are several methods to set your zones. One way is to use our calculator, where you input the result from your test and get presented with your training zones.

Lactic threshold test – download

To make the most out of your training, we recommend you to define your threshold in each sport you practise.

So, please register below and download the test protocols we use in all our swimrun and triathlon training programs.

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