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The meaning of triathlon (poem)

A triathlon is a test of inner strength,
A challenge of physical prowess and mental health.

A competition that takes more than meets the eye,
The power to overcome any obstacle, no matter how high.

It’s not about who can run the fastest or swim the furthest,
It’s about pushing yourself to limits you never thought you could reach.

The mental strength to keep going through physical pain,
The determination to complete the race and achieve the gain.

It’s about pushing past your limits,
And making sure you never quit.

It’s about challenging yourself to become the best version of you,
And using that to conquer the toughest tests that come your way through.

A triathlon is a test of inner strength,
A challenge that will push you to greater lengths.

A test that will show you what you’re truly capable of,
And help you reach your potential with a smile, a laugh, and a laugh.

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