Strength training for endurance athletes

Why should you as an endurance athlete do strength training? The short answer is this, if you get stronger, you will have a greater power output. It will also help you keep injury-free and serve as a nice break from your regular training.

We publish workout of the week, it’s a way for you who are not training with us to get a feeling for what we are doing. So, without further ado, try one outIf you like it, there are plenty more. 🙂

In this article, you’ll find these workouts…

Burpees, pushups and running

Triathlon and swimrun are endurance sports, plain and simple. So why should you consider strength training a necessary part of your workout? The short explanation is that strength training makes muscles more durable, and stronger muscles can perform longer at higher intensities before they fatigue.

5:00 running or jumping rope
Main set:
10 push-ups
10 burpees
1 lap of 400 meters alt. 2 min of jumping rope

Do you want to work on your muscle endurance?

In our Build programs, you work out with focus on building your strength so that you can go into race-season with the best prerequisites possible. Read more about the programs here…

  • In this 12-week swimrun training program, you will build your speed, force, and muscular endurance in both swimming and running.
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  • Endurance training with Keep Up Triathlon BUILD
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Ötillö swimrun Hvar challenge

This week’s workout is inspired by the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun sprint race in Hvar. We will have all the run legs as running intervals, and do strength training instead of swimming in between. It is a tough workout that will work on both your endurance and also be a tough strength session.

Most of all though – it’s FUN! Try it, I’m sure you’ll like it! 

The workout
300 meters running
20 push-ups
400 meters running
50 back extensions
5700 meters running
70 Russian twists
1600 meters running
30 burpees
1400 meters running
30 Mountain climbers
600 meters running
10 Pull-ups
500 meters running

Training for Ötillö swimrun Hvar?

The race on Hvar and the Paklini islands is fantastic. We suggest that you work extra on technical running and muscle endurance for swimming. Long swims and varying nature will have you on your toes! Read more about our swimrun training programs

  • Keep Up swimrun BASE is the first step in your swimrun training plan. In this 12-week program, you will build your heart and lungs, or - your aerobic base - as well as your technique.
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  • In this 12-week swimrun training program, you will build your speed, force, and muscular endurance in both swimming and running.
    34,00 incl. VAT / month for 3 months
  • Race Up Swimrun is a 12-week training program made by swimrunners. Designed with a specific goal in mind, and that is to make you ready for race day.
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Strength training to get fast uphill

Are you longing for a gruelling hill session, but are not able to go to the mountains? Well, the dream of conquering the hills is always present (for me at least), and the ensuing burning pain in my legs is always forgotten. 😉

So we want to share a workout that will let you reminisce the hill workouts. And, get super strong by doing it! 

3 times of
25 meters of walking lunges
50 meters of frog jumps
100 meter sprint
Rest for a couple of minutes.

Interested in great bike training?

In our Boost Up programs, you train sport-specific and with the purpose of upping your game in that sport. Check out our Bike Boost programs if you want to conquer the climbs!

  • The 4-week bike training plan will increase your cycling-specific fitness and make you a stronger rider. It will prepare you for more challenging race training.
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  • This bike training program includes 7-8 hrs of training per week and is for the experienced athlete who is aiming for a personal best during the next race.
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25-minute strength training circuit

Don’t have lots of room to work out? No problem, this workout is both time effective and doesn’t require much space. In it, we are only doing five push-ups. But let me tell you, those might be the hardest push ups you’ve done this year! 🙂

The workout is 5 sets of 45 seconds of work, with 15 seconds rest. Remember to warm up properly before starting!

1 push up (22 seconds down, 22 seconds up)
Flutter kicks
Straight legged deadlifts
Rest 1 minute

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Utö sprint challenge

Are you in shape, or do you want to test your limits? Try our Utö Swimrun Sprint Challenge! It is a training session where you run all the run sections, and do strength training exercises instead of swimming. It’s a fun way to keep training fresh and exciting! Do the workout, and dream about the island of love!

The Workout

Strength training workout for swimrunners

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