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What training program should I choose?


To make it easier for you to build your training and racing season, we have structured our training programs into four categories.

And this goes for both triathlon and swimrun.

  • Start Up
  • Keep Up
  • Boost Up
  • Race Up

For example, if you are new to the sport, and want to try it, then Start Up is for you.

Then again, if you are a more experienced athlete, you may want to build your pre-season upon Keep Up. From time to time, you mix the base training with a swim, bike or run boost. Then, when it is closer to race, you switch over to the even more structured race training.

Note that all training programs are individualized and take into account your starting point and your goal.

This is Start Up

If you are new to the sport – whether it is triathlon or swimrun – Start Up might be good for you. It is an entry level training program that guide you into the sport and to a more structured training routine.

On average, you will train 4 hours per week…split between the different disciplines. And each week will contain detailed workouts for you to follow.

This is Keep Up

Keep Up is designed for your pre-season training. And even if you have not yet defined a main race, it is the perfect way for you to build a solid aerobic base.

During the onboarding process of your Keep Up, you will define how much you are willing to train on average per week, as well as your weakest and strongest discipline.

This is Boost Up

During the pre-season it is good practice to improve on your less favorable skills. This is where our Boost Up programs come in to place.

Program length are typically 4 weeks, and each boost are dedicated to one discipline. May it be swimming, cycling or running.

The idea is that you mix Boost Up with Keep Up in order to increase your overall capacity before the upcoming race training.

This is Race Up

Okay, you have made your decision. And you’ve signed up for a competition and want to make the most out of your training effort. Then, Race Up is for you.

Race Up gives you an individual training program, that is structured and designed from the start of the race training, all the way to the day of your competition.

During the onboarding process, you will define how much you are willing to train, as well as your ambition. That is, are you participating in the race, or maiming for a personal best, or racing for the podium.


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