TOT Endurance Club

7,00 incl. VAT / month

TOT Endurance Club is your global tribe. As a member, you will get

  1. A weekly training program (swim, bike, run, row)
  2. Exclusive content via the member group on Facebook
  3. 10% discount on any of our regular training programs

Join us today…welcome to TOT!

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During your life as an endurance aficionado, for some periods you will not be in race- or pre-season. Yet, you still want to keep active and be part of the community!

Being part of TOT Endurance Club is a perfect way to maintain your fitness and to be part of the culture.


  • Weekly training program, including sessions of swimming, cycling, running and rowing.
  • Video walk-trough of the workouts and other exclusive content
  • Access to the private Facebook-group
  • Get 10 percent off, on any training program (Start Up, Keep Up, Boost Up, and Race Up)*

* Coupons will be added to your account.

Is this for me?

Do you like to train, but don’t have an endurance race planned for the moment? Then joining the tribe is perfect for you.

With weekly training sessions in swimming, running, biking and rowing, you will maintain a solid base level of fitness. This will be beneficial the day that you want to ramp up your training.

Train together, in the comfort of your home

Everyone is doing the same sessions, but you do them where you live. As many of you know, it is easier to train and do the sessions when doing them together. So, before and after, you have a group of like-minded that can relate to the workout you just did.

This is a great way to stay motivated and continue to workout.

Coaches who are there to help

This isn’t a training program that just is. The coaches at TOT Endurance are part of the community and will be there to answer your questions. Both training-related and tips on other parts of the endurance lifestyle.

Join us today…welcome to TOT


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