Race Up Triathlon

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Race Up get you ready for race day.

  • 12 weeks of individualized and periodized race training.
  • Two tests, a Big Day, and peak training will prepare you.

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Race Up Triathlon covers 12 weeks of individualized and periodized triathlon race training that will get you ready for your big race.


The 12 week triathlon training plan is quite demanding, so we recommend that you have a good base in endurance training, coming from either Keep Up Triathlon BASE and/or Keep Up Triathlon BUILD or have a history in endurance sports with a good pre-season behind you.

The triathlon race training is for you who,

  • Are getting ready for a triathlon competition. Whether it is a sprint, Olympic, half or full Ironman distance.
  • Have a solid base in endurance sports, and want to see how far you can take your training.
  • Want an individual and a more structured training approach.


Race Up Triathlon is designed with a specific goal in mind, and that is to make you ready for race day.

Our triathlon race training is written by coaches that have many years of experience in both coaching and competing in triathlon, and the stand-alone disciplines. We don’t guess about training, and our training has its roots in sports science and is thoroughly tested.

Included in Race Up Triathlon,

  • A weekly schedule is sent out every Sunday.
  • Periodized training in all disciplines.
  • Tests, Big Day, and Form weeks for preparation.

Since it is a race-specific 12 week triathlon training plan, the last two weeks of your triathlon race training are designed for you to recover and to optimize the speed and endurance up until race day.


You should schedule Race Up Triathlon 12 weeks before your main competition.

Typically you have completed Keep Up Triathlon BASE and/or Keep Up Triathlon BUILD before Race Up Triathlon.

To make it easier for you to build your training and racing season, we have structured our training programs into four categories. Find out what is best for you here.

Training level

During the onboarding of your triathlon race training, you will choose how many hours you want to train on an average per week.

We provide you with an individualized training program, ranging from 6 hours per week, up to 14 hours per week.

When you define your training volume, our rule of thumb is,

  • Sprint distance, 6-10 hours
  • Olympic distance, 8-12 hours
  • Ironman 70.3 distance, 8-14 hours
  • Ironman distance, 10-14 hours


Your triathlon race training requires some gear. Here is a shortlist of things you will need to be able to follow the 12 week triathlon training plan.


  • Must have: Heart rate monitor for zone training (like a Garmin watch or equivalent)


  • Must have: Swimsuit, goggles and swim cap
  • Nice to have: Wetsuit, paddles, pull buoy and fins


  • Must have: Bicycle and helmet
  • Nice to have: So many other things!


  • Must have: Running shoes

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  1. Piia Nydén (verified owner)

    The best program to prepare for race season.
    You have to take a step from your comfort zon because there is a lot of intervalls and brick sessions…I really love it….all the hard preseason work finally feels like worth everything….I am prepared and ready for race…

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