Race Up Swimrun

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44,00 incl. VAT / month for 3 months

Race Up Swimrun get you ready for race day.

  • 12 weeks of individualized and periodized race training.
  • Two tests and peak training will prepare you.

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Race Up Swimrun is an individualized and periodized training program for swimrun. During the 12-week training plan, you will build your endurance and swimrun skills.


Race Up Swimrun is perfect for you if you are

  • Registered for an Experience / Super-sprint, Sprint, or Full distance.
  • Seeking individualized training based on your capacity and ambition.
  • Want to know how much, how often, how hard you should train.

We believe that swimrun is a sport for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are going to do your first race, or are an experienced swimrunner. We have a training program that will prepare you well. From day one of training, via the starting line, and into the goal.

Swimrun is an adventure sport usually done in pairs (but there is also a solo class in some races). Although it is a team sport, much of the training is done by you individually. Therefore, this training program is designed so that you can train both separately and as a team.


Race Up Swimrun is designed with a specific goal in mind, and that is to make you ready for race day.

Included in the training program

  • A weekly schedule with structured workouts sent out every Sunday.
  • The initial test forms the basis of your zone training in the coming weeks.
  • All training sessions are described in detail in your training plan and have the purpose of preparing you for your race goal.

This training plan is written by coaches with long experience of both coaching, training, and racing in swimrun. That is, for swimrunners by swimrunners.


This training plan is 12 weeks long. So, counting backward, training should ideally start on Monday eight weeks before race day.

Typically you have completed Keep Up Swimrun BASE and/or Keep Up Swimrun BUILD before Race Up Swimrun.

Training levels

During the onboarding of Race Up Swimrun, you will choose how many hours you want to train on an average per week.

We provide you with an individualized training program, ranging from 6 hours per week, up to 12 hours per week.

When you define your training volume, our rule of thumb is,

  • Experience / Super-sprint, select 6 -8 hours
  • Sprint, select 6 – 10 hours
  • Full distance, select 8 – 12 hours


Swimrun is a sport that requires some gear. Here is a list of stuff that you must have, and is nice to have.

In the Race up Swimrun program, we try to make the workouts race-specific, so there will be swimming with paddles and pull buoy during workouts (if you are doing a race without that sort of gear, then skip it on some sessions).


  • Must have: Heart rate monitor (like a Garmin watch or equivalent) for running


  • Must have: Swimsuit, goggles, swim cap, paddles, and pull buoy
  • Nice to have: Wetsuit and fins


  • Must have: Running shoes

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  1. Camilla Salomonsson hellman (verified owner)

    This program is great for people with previous experience of running and swimming. It is fun, motivating and I believe that it is a well thought through program that is made to make you an even better runner and swimmer.

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