Keep Up Triathlon BUILD

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34,00 incl. VAT / month for 3 months

Keep Up Build extend your muscular endurance and speed in triathlon.

  • Individualized and structured training that get you ready for the upcoming race season.

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Keep Up Triathlon BUILD is an individual training program for you who have a solid foundation of endurance training. We recommend that you have at least 12 weeks of base training focused on building your stamina before signing up for this training plan.


Keep Up Triathlon BUILD is the next step in your endurance training. In this program, you will start building your muscular endurance, and speed for the upcoming race season.

The training program is perfect for you who,

  • Have previous experience in structured training, and completed a basic preseason workout routine.
  • Want to escalate your triathlon skills and build your muscular endurance and speed.


Keep Up Triathlon BUILD is a 12-week individual training program with the emphasis on building your muscular endurance. It is designed by coaches that have many years of experience in both coaching and competing in triathlon, and the stand-alone disciplines.

Included in Keep Up Triathlon BUILD is,

  • A weekly scheduled individualized training program that will be sent to you every Sunday.
  • Tests that lay the ground for your training. (All training sessions are based on your training zones, which are defined using the initial test.)
  • Sessions are described in detail and have a clear purpose.
  • A Big Day (last week) that will help you to put things together.


It is a triathlon training program designed for you who have completed our Keep Up Triathlon BASE or have a background in endurance training. We recommend that you have at least 12 weeks of base training focused on building your stamina before signing up for Keep Up Triathlon BUILD.

Preferably, you start this training program 24 weeks before your main race. The next step, after you have finished Keep Up Triathlon BUILD, is Race Up Triathlon.

To make it easier for you to build your training and racing season, we have structured our training programs into four categories. Find out what is best for you here.

Training level

During the onboarding, you will choose how much you want to train on an average per week.

We provide individualized training programs ranging from 6 hours per week, up to 14 hours per week on average.

When you define your training volume, our recommendation is,

  • Sprint distance, 6-10 hours
  • Olympic distance, 8-12 hours
  • Ironman 70.3 distance, 8-14 hours
  • Ironman distance, 10-14 hours


Triathlon requires some gear. Here is a shortlist of things you will need to be able to follow the program.


  • Must have: Heart rate monitor for zone training (like a Garmin watch or equivalent)


  • Must have: Swimsuit, goggles and swim cap
  • Nice to have: Wetsuit, paddles, pull buoy and fins


  • Must have: Bicycle and helmet
  • Nice to have: So many other things!


  • Must have: Running shoes

8 reviews for Keep Up Triathlon BUILD

  1. Elsa Wangsten (verified owner)

    Great programme to get you powering on after winter training/base programme. With touches of harder sessions and intervals in all the disciplines you’ll be challenged to start pushing your limits, perfect build for upcoming race-season!

  2. Jose Marin (verified owner)

    Its a structured training plan with progressions customized to you.

  3. Mike Goddard (verified owner)

    I am in week 4 of the Keep Up Build, having just completed the 4 week Boost Up Bike Base. These are first class programmes which focus mainly on endurance and base building (following the 80:20 rule). I have noticed a distinct improvement in my aerobic capacity with resting heart rate coming down from 45 to 42, and my heart rate in level 2 training also reducing as the cardio vascular system becomes more efficient. I thoroughly recommend the programmes and look forward to further improvement leading up to my first triathlon for 2020 in May and the world championships in Edmonton, Canada in August. Well done so far Joachim.

  4. Jonas Ståhl (verified owner)

    In week 3 of my first 12 weeks of the Triathlon Build eventually leading up to IM in Italy in September.
    I wanted a plan to help me get away from the training that I’ve been doing for years; Going too slow when supposed to go fast and going too hard when supposed to take it easy…;-)
    I am riding outdoors and are struggling a bit with the quality training but will do them on a trainer instead.
    I’ve received great help from Joachim in designing a perfect set-up for me to reach IM in September with a few pit-stops on the way as a 2000km bike ride during seven day…five weeks before the IM event…this has been taken into consideration as well.
    Great support along the way as well.

  5. Piia Nydén (verified owner)

    After winter base training and 4 week of bike base its time to level up a bit. Its still a lot of base sessions.
    A program to get structured training whithout pushing too hard or go too slow and sometimes you have to push tour limits as well.
    A perfect program to get ready for upcoming season and great support from tot when you needed.

  6. Kim Carlsson (verified owner)

    A great way to get going again after some time with spontaneous base training.
    It’s very nice to follow a structured program and know that you are doing the right things at the right time.
    Quick and friendly feedback – both before registration and after.
    Highly recommended!

  7. Veronica Warneskog (verified owner)

    I really like the Keep up programs because it helps me a lot to train in a structural way and to “hold back” before “Race up” season. It helps me not to train to hard to early in the season but still you get the flow and also the focus on strength and to build up your body as well as your focus when it is time to accelerate your training.

    I’m a person who wants to take care of and to oversee my own training but need and appreciate the help to dispose the amount in each discipline. Also, the help with how hard and not to forget when it´s time for rest.
    I do like the recurrent tests in the program to find out the different zone to train in. The tests also a good way to see and follow your development.
    I also like the community and the prestigeless atmosphere on FB. You can always ask questions and you will never feel that any question is to silly to ask. You will meet the experienced triathletes as well as the one just started their journey. Not to forget all the interesting Bloggs and small videos explaining and let you know more about how to train, advice of equipment or what to think of on your Raceday.

  8. Fredrik Svensson (verified owner)

    High volume and increasing intensity though out the 12 week period in perfect combination to get stronger and avoid injuries.

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