Keep Up Triathlon BASE BUNDLE

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Start your triathlon training with this pre-season training plan. It will increase your strength and endurance, and make you more proficient with a focused training Boost.

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Start triathlon training early in the year. Up to 80% of your race-day fitness comes from the work you did during the pre-season. In this bundle, you’ll get the perfect start to your journey into triathlon.


This is the perfect product for the triathlete who is starting their season after a period of rest. Or, if you are new to the sport and want to get the best start possible.


You will train your aerobic base and your technique with our products designed for the pre-season. The start of the season builds both your physical capabilities and your structure. So for you to get into the triathlon-lifestyle. This is a great way to start!

Included in the Keep Up BASE Bundle is

When you buy the bundle, you will receive two coupons that entitle you to call-off the included training programs. You find all coupons in My Account on our website.


Ideally, you plan for a period of race-specific training after this. So you need to count backward from your race date and plan out the week before.

This bundle contains a total of 16 weeks of training.


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