Coach Joachim Cronquist

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Train smarter and reach your goal in triathlon faster and safer with Joachim Cronquist’s one-on-one premium coaching.

  • Weekly check-ins and data-driven analysis.
  • Frequent testing and zone-based training.

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With the one-on-one coaching service, you will have an experienced and dedicated triathlon coach – Joachim Cronquist – to help you train and prepare to perform at your very best on race day.

So how does it work?


Everything starts with an in-depth consultation. Joachim will help you determine your potential performance based on personal circumstances such as your current fitness, your athletic history, your injury history, and your training availability.

Based on your input, Joachim develops a structured and fully individualised training plan for the season.
The periodised plan will include everything from tests, to big-days, to training races (b- and c-events), to race-planning.

The plan is a working document, from which continuous adjustments are made.


Zone training is a central tool. Therefore the first period is dedicated to tests in all three disciplines – swim, bike and run.

This is the basis for the upcoming training and will answer how many hours, how frequently and how intense you should train.

Note that you will perform several test periods throughout the season to calibrate your training efforts.


Joachim delivers your training programs every week via a shared Google Drive folder.

The workouts incorporate everything you need to develop core capabilities, endurance, and speed.

Except for the triathlon-specific activities, he include strength and mobility training and complementary dryland exercises.


As an athlete, you will record all training sessions with your Garmin, Polar, or the like, and upload the data to your free account at TrainingPeaks. Joachim will then, via a connected coach-account, analyse your effort and give you feedback.

The data-driven approach will lay the ground for adjustments in the plan, and assure that you won’t overtrain.

One-on-one coaching

You will meet one-on-one with Joachim via Google Meet once a week on pre-scheduled time.

The 30-minute video session is a perfect opportunity to “ask the coach”, and, based on your data, review and adjust the training.

During the session, Joachim will share his screen and visualise your progress.


The premium service is a non-binding subscription with a fixed monthly fee.

To state the very obvious: Joachim can only show you the way, you have to walk it!

11 reviews for Coach Joachim Cronquist

  1. Jeroen de Boer (verified owner)

    In the summer of this year I set a goal. Because I am taking part in the charity stage race Giro di Kika (June 2021) for the second time, I wanted to see what good training guidance would bring me.

    About me: I just became 47 years old and have been cycling for over 20 years. I have quite some experience in endurance riding, although not competitively, but by participating in cyclos like the Dolomites Marathon. I’m basically a solo rider who likes to pursue personal goals. Certainly in recent years I have noticed the benefits of HIIT training, but generally there was no idea of a training program, certainly not for the longer term. How could I change that? An what could I achieve if I prepared myself as well as possible from a cycling perspective?

    Getting to know TOT Triathlon
    During the lockdown in the Netherlands I found out about TOT Triathlon. I took part in a four-week core stability program and came into contact with Joachim. When learning about TOT’s personalized guidance in training programs, I asked him what was possible. After some closer acquaintance via email and a video chat, I decided that this could be the right step.

    On August 31, I started a training program that lasts 42 weeks. This program consists of four phases (Prep, Base, Build and Race) and a monthly FTP test. I spend between 6 and 12 dedicated hours a week on training. Every week we have a video chat to discuss the experiences and progress with each other. In addition, I do supportive training in my gym (and at home): core stability, flexibility and strength. For this I work together with my local coach, Erwin. My daily commute by bike (25 kilometers) is my perfect and “free” recovery training.

    Joachim receives input for the progress through the data I send him. Those are the hard data: power, heart rate and cadence, but also the soft data. How did the training go? Are there any aches and pains? As a great fan of cycling and training outdoors, I had to get used to indoor sessions on the bicycle trainer. I usually do these early in the morning, before I go to work. For the long (er) training sessions I make a combination of riding inside and outside, or completely outside (weather permitting).

    I am now in week 10 of the schedule and have completed the prep phase. It has already yielded quite a lot. I for istance found out that I can handle a slightly higher cadence. We immediately incorporated this into the schedule for further optimization. It also turned out that in the 20 minute FTP test I felt that I was riding below my capacity. We seem to have found the solution by using a pacing scheme. I also did a bikefit, since it was 1.5 years ago since I last did that. The benefit in saddle hight, which was only adjusted by 1 millimeter, won’t be too high. In that respect I expect far more of the customized bike soles, which feel really well and provide better support.

    In that sense it’s really a customized training program. Because we talk to each other every week (about 45 minutes) there is a close relationship, despite the great distance. We can also coordinate with each other via app messages. Joachim not only provides me with expert advice on the technical aspects of riding, but also in the field of nutrition. For example, I started intermittent fasting from the beginning of the training period. The short early morning training sessions are done on an empty stomach and this works really well. And coffee afterwards never tasted better.

  2. Petter Åkerlund (verified owner)

    You talk it through, you plan it out, you do the work the best you can. Stick to the plan but at the same time, it’s always room for adaptation and fine-tuning along the way. And knowing the coach has more knowledge and experience than you have (ask questions and get answers), it’s really great!

  3. Mikael Resare (verified owner)

    After an injury from running, I was advised to vary my training, it was the first time I got my eyes open for Triathlon. Now the goal is Half Ironman in Jönköping 2021.
    I knew that more structured training would be required in the form of a training schedule and / or coach. The first contact I had with TOT and Joachim Cronquist was very positive, he made a training program that was adapted to the time I can put in to make everyday life work.
    Since I am accurate and ambitious with my training, I also decided to use TOT and Joachim as a Coach. After a somewhat weak start due to illness, etc., continuous training and coaching has given results. At our weekly meetings, I get constructive feedback so that we are always on par with the goal (HIM 2021)

    Thanks to Joachim’s advice and tips, my training has become part of everyday life and I have no injuries.

  4. Jonas Eek (verified owner)

    For sure there was a disappointment when IM Kalmar 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic in the world. I’ve been training with TOT and their program to prepare for that race, and when the race was canceled I got in contact with Joachim that offered me a possibility to train with him as a coach. There was never any doubt for me to start training with Joachim after our first meeting. I love to train and Joachim helps me when he listens to my possibility to train and I got a tight schedule so I need the help to provide me a personal schedule. Every week we have a meating were Joachim coaches me with both the schedule and his experience of triathlon. Another thing that means a lot for me Is the flexibility that Joachim provides when my work often means a lot of changes on a weekly basis. The possibility to change the training program so It fits in my life means so much, and even inspirers me and I understand what It means to train with a personal coach. Joachim has made me to understand how to train smart and I been free of injuries. Thank you Joachim for making me understand how to train smarter and providing me with a flexible schedule so I can mix work, family and training.

  5. Mattias Hagen (verified owner)

    To work with TOT and Joachim as at PT is getting a personal trainer or coach in it’s true sense. Weekly zoom meetings to update your training plan is extremely important. First to fine-tune your schedule in line with your physical status that, when you are on a 10-14h/week plan may vary quite substantially, is very efficient and rewarding. There is a fine line between optimizing your output and overload in triathlon training and most athletes like myself tend to do the latter. To have a real personal coach like Joachim helps you get the most out of your hours. Secondly, when you like me have a fairly demanding workload and three kids all involved in sports 5-6 times a week you need to have a coach that could tailor to your needs and possibly to practice. To have someone who actually tailors your training round a weekend trip for instance is awesome and you would never have to compromise by this.
    Joachim utilizes pulse-based training connected to training peaks which is a very scientific way to optimize your training. The training in itself is around getting as much out of everything occasion without taking all the fun out of it and for someone like me that often have lived after the “the harder the better” philosophy, this has been a great help to achieve my goals. I feel I am getting more out of my training now while I need to compromise less with my social agenda.
    On top on that Joachim and Ville the swim coach are great guys to work with. Genuinely interested in you and that you will achieve your goals. Now it is only up to me!

  6. Andrew Plummer (verified owner)

    Joachim is coaching me on my journey to Ironman Sweden this year. I’m impressed by the professional and personal approach that Joachim uses. The sessions are demanding and we follow my progression on a weekly basis through our online meetings. I like the fact that Joakim adapts the program to suite my needs and increases the intensity of my sessions as and when needed.

    I’m relatively new to triathlon and have a background in running so I’m happy to have found a coach and a training philosophy that suites my needs.

    The sessions are fun, demanding and varied, and I’m really aware of the progression that I’m making under Joachim’s guidance.

    I can thoroughly recommend this product.

  7. Andrew Plummer (verified owner)

    I’ve been trained by Joakim for the past 8 months. It’s been a great journey! As a novice I’ve put my complete trust in Joakim’s knowledge and training program in order to prepare me for a long distance triathlon. The relationship is important and Joakim is a knowledgeable and driven coach who has helped me through the process and I’ve seen great results! I can really recommend Joakim for anyone looking for a professional and personal coach.

  8. Christer Bergmark (verified owner)

    I can really recommend personal coaching by Joachim. After a series of illnesses and injuries including a knee surgery in June 2020, I decided to set an ambitious goal as a carrot for my rehab. In November 2020 I started the personal coaching program with Joachim, the first training was a 300-meter run & walk. Slowly we stepped up the intensity in all three triathlon disciplines along with continuous rehab and strength training. What I really appreciated was the weekly personal video calls where we went through the past and coming weeks, and how Joachim quickly adapted the weekly training programs depending on my status and schedule. In August I was able to complete my first ever full distance Ironman in just over 12 hours. Thanks Joachim!

  9. Petter Åkerlund (verified owner)

    They say you should race with a smile.
    That was really what I was able to do on my first triathlon competition in Jönköping in September 2021.
    During the last year, I have had my training plan and weekly meetings with my coach, Joachim, and I have put some effort into it really following his plan for me – of course, it can be adjusted by coach depending on circumstances.
    On race day, it just felt great. I was very well-prepared, I knew what to do, and I did it. Thank you coach!

  10. Jonas Eek (verified owner)

    Målet har hela tiden varit IM Kalmar och det första jag gjorde var att prata med min familj om detta för att att skapa förståelsen och det har verkligen hjälpt mig då de hela tiden varit mina största påhejare. Därefter kontakten med Joachim som jag nu tränat tillsammans med som personlig coach i ett år. Våra veckovisa samtal tillsammans med helt individuella schemat helt anpassade efter mig och vad vi kommer fram till har passat mig helt perfekt. Jag lever ett hektiskt liv med många bollar i luften på arbetet och där har detta passat mig bra då jag kunnat släppa på stressen över att skapa bra träningsprogram för mig själv. När IM åter blev inställt ställde vi snabbt om till andra mål och jag har aldrig känt mig så vältränad utan att ta sönder mig själv som nu. Tack Joachim.

  11. Hans Rauman (verified owner)

    I contacted Joachim, following a recommendation, initially to help me prepare for a 70.3 triathlon, however a shoulder injury forced me to re-plan. We agreed to focus on Vätternrundan, to improve my cycling during 2021, whilst my shoulder healed. Joachim structured a plan with the focus on cycling but included both running and strength training, building up training volume with longer and harder sessions. He pushed me hard on the bike; well into my dis-comfort zone and encouraged me to stop only when I reached the target power number with the sessions. There were both easy and hard sessions and, I learned to appreciate (and even enjoy) the headwind to reach my power figures; this change in mindset was a real “a ha” moment for me. Whilst it felt uncomfortable in the beginning and at times frustrating, especially the easier sessions, there was a real quality to them which meant at Vätternrundan I felt totally prepared. I had a superb ride with greatly improved output power and I could race with a smile. This was a fantastic investment which, if you are prepared to follow the plan to a “T”, you will reap the rewards.

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