Boost Up Swim BUNDLE

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Save €58 with the bundle!

The swim bundle starts with an analysis of your swimming. And continue with 4+4 weeks of focused training, building your capabilities as a swimmer.

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The total swim package that will boost up your swimming. Making you more efficient and confident in the water.


This is for you who trains swimming but want your effort to give you as much as possible. For the triathlete, swimrunner or swimmer who wants to take your swim training to the next level, and excel at your next race!


This is our ultimate swim Boost! Starting with an analysis of your swimming, and followed by an 8 weeks swim training workout plan. You will give yourself the optimal leverage on your training effort in the water.

Included in the swim-bundle are,

By doing an analysis, and train with focused efforts dictated by the result of the analysis, will help you immensely.

When you buy the bundle, you will receive three coupons that entitle you to call-off the included training programs. You find all coupons in My Account on our website.


This program is structured as a workout plan for swimming in a pool. So, it can be done all year round. It can be done parallel to a Keep Up program.


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