Boost Up Swim BASE

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The purpose of the 4-week swim training program is to develop your technique and to build general strength and base endurance.

While the swim drills will improve your freestyle stroke and kick, the series will work on your overall swim performance.

Boost Up Swim BASE is designed for intermediate swimmers.

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The 4-week swim training program for intermediate swimmers will improve your freestyle stroke and kick, and develop your overall swim performance.


We believe that you can swim 500 meters without rest. You may have finished a sprint triathlon or a short course swimrun.

Boost Up Swim BASE is for you who want to

  • improve your freestyle swimming.
  • grow more confident in the swim.
  • prepare for a challenging triathlon or swimrun.


Swim technique is a vital aspect of swim performance. If you lack the technical abilities to perform the swimming efficiently, fitness-focused swim training will likely be a waste of time that yields little improvement and only reinforces poor technique. That is why skill training is an essential part of Boost Up Swim BASE.

The swim program requires about 5-6 hours of training per week and includes

  • A weekly swim training program that will be sent to you every Sunday.
  • Detailed swim sessions that are clearly described.
  • A swim test that lay the ground for your training.

See an overview of Boost Up Swim BASE here.


Boost Up Swim BASE is designed for you who have completed several weeks of structured swim training. Therefore we recommend that you have finished Keep Up Triathlon BASE or the like.

Side note: A great way to assess your abilities is to carry out the Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS.


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