Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS

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The online swim coach analysis makes you in charge of your swimming.

  • Analyze breathing, body rotation, body position, arm movements both above and below the water and your kick.
  • Individualized feedback and drills to develop your swimming.

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We offer an online swim coach that will help you to be more efficient and powerful in the water while maintaining a streamlined position.
With Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS, we provide an online swim coach that gives you individualized feedback and recommend drills to develop your swimming.

Having a swim analysis done is a way for you to take charge of your swimming. In Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS, we focus on your technique, and it is, therefore, a great way to boost your swimming.


We want everybody to be able to swim with efficiency and effortlessness. We know that swimming is a sport that is hard to learn by yourself. With Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS, we change that.

The video analysis and the feedback from us is suitable for you who,

  • Want to become a more efficient swimmer, whether you are training for a short or a long distance race.
  • Feel that you need inspiration and/or a new way of looking at your swim practice.
  • Want to take your swimming to the next level.


In the video swim analysis, we look at things like breathing, body rotation, body position, arm movements both above and below the water and your kick.

Included in the analysis,

  1. A written answer from us with our analysis of your swimming.
  2. Suggestions on improvement areas to put focus on in your training.
  3. Swim drills that will suit you and your focus areas.
  4. Individualized swim sessions.


A swim analysis is something that you can carry out all through your training and racing season. But we recommend that you do an initial Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS at the beginning of your (pre-)season. So that you can take your time and tune it in. Then doing another session mid-season.

You can do the final tweaking before your main race, but you will see the best return of investment doing the swim analysis before the more specific race training. An extra pair of eyes is always good when it comes to technique-training in swimming. Don’t hesitate to try it out!


When you buy Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS, we will send you an email with all the information about how to film your swimming, and where to upload your video clips.

Complete this step, and then,

  1. We analyze and comment on your areas of improvement.
  2. We will send out our analysis, with concrete tips and exercises that will suit you and your swimming best.
  3. You work out!
  4. About four weeks later, we have a follow up on your progress.

3 reviews for Boost Up Swim ANALYSIS

  1. Fredrik Svensson (verified owner)

    I got a comprehensive document with description of my primary and secundary improvement areas. It also described my way forward together with a set of form workouts.
    This has really improved my efficiency and set the base for me to become a faster swimmer.
    I really recommend!

  2. Linnea Funered (verified owner)

    As a former “swimmer”, competed as youth, it was pretty hard to look at and send for review… But with the input from the coach I got what I needed in order to get back to what the swimming once was. The input and examples of technical sessions was crucial for my improvement and way towards my new goals.

  3. Piia Nydén (verified owner)

    When I started with tot, I started my training with this swim analysis and got a very comprehensive document with a lot of input to become a better and faster swimmer.
    Totally recomend!!

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