Boost Up Run BASE

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The 4-week run training program for intermediate runners and endurance athletes will improve your run specific fitness and stride.

The content of the workout plan will improve your endurance and running economy.

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Boost Up BASE is a run training program for you who want –

  • solid foundation in running
  • increase your running ability
  • prepare yourself for a demanding race


This four week training plan consists of workouts focusing on form, aerobic endurance and muscular endurance. The workouts range from 60-90 minutes each. Every week you train around six hours.

Included in Boost Up Run BASE is

  • Weekly training programs sent out to you every Sunday
  • Detailed workouts that are clearly described and designed with purpose.
  • Initial testing that will form the base for your training

See an overview of Boost Up Run BASE here.


Boost Up Run BASE is designed for you who have completed several weeks of structured running. We recommend that you have finished Keep Up Triathlon BASE, or the like, before the start of this run training program.

Boost Up Run BASE is perfect to schedule during the pre-season training program.


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