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Boost Up Core will strengthen your core and make you a more durable endurance athlete in 4 weeks.

The core training program prepares you for more demanding endurance training

  • 3-4 periodized sessions per week
  • Level 1, beginner-intermediate
  • Level 2, intermediate-advanced

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The 4-week core training program will strengthen your core and make you a more durable endurance athlete in 4 weeks. It will make you less prone to injury and better in all disciplines of your regular training.


We believe that everyone benefits from a strong core. Regardless of what you are training, the program is formed as a complement to your regular endurance training. All sessions are done with just your body, no gym equipment is needed!


Your core is the base for much of your power output, regardless of if you are a swimmer, biker, runner, or all of the above. Building a good base will help you greatly, and with this program, you will!

The core training program includes

  • A weekly training program that will be sent to you every Sunday.
  • Detailed sessions that are clearly described.
  • Instructional videos for all exercises.


Core training is not a one and done deal. Ideally, we should all do it year-round. With that said, the best time to start is now! Look at it as an add-on to your regular training.

2 reviews for Boost Up Core

  1. Gabriella Lundh (verified owner)

    I got in touch with TOT Endurance when I needed a training program for my first swim run.

    Signed up for their 4 week Boost Up Core training program as well. I am a runner and have core exercises at the gym but felt that it is nothing wrong getting the core stronger both for my running and my swimming.

    I am on my second week and I like it a lot.

    Each session consists of 3-4 tough core exercises where I feel that my core muscles are working.

    Some of the exercises are familiar but a bit different.

    I also like that there are video instructions how to do the different core exercises

  2. Jeroen de Boer (verified owner)

    I came across TOT Endurance on Facebook and was impressed by the videos for core exercises they shared. When the Boost Up Core training program was presented it was easy to decide to participate. As a cyclist I am more and more focusing on integrating core training in my training schedule and I like the offering a lot, especially the mix of different exercises in a session. I’m only in week 1 of the 4 week program but I’m sure I’ll enjoy the remaining three weeks as much as the first week.

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