Boost Up Bike BUILD

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4-week bike training program will give you 7-8 hours of training per week, and increase your speed and muscular endurance.

This cycling plan is for the experienced athlete who is aiming for a personal best during the next race.

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Boost Up Bike BUILD is for you who want to

  • Want a cycling plan that prepares you for your next road or time trial race
  • Give yourself an extra edge in the cycling, developing strength and speed
  • Take your cycling to the next level.


This is a training plan for the experienced cyclist who wants a bike training program that will challenge you and make you faster.

Boost Up Bike BUILD requires 7-8 hours of training per week and includes

  • Weekly training programs that will be sent to you every Sunday.
  • Detailed bike training sessions that are clearly described.
  • An initial bike test (for heart rate or power) that lay the ground for your training.

See an overview of Boost Up Bike BUILD here.


Boost Up Bike BUILD is quite demanding. We recommend that you have built a robust endurance capacity either through our base training programs Keep Up and Boost Up. Or have previous experience with structured bike training.


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