Boost Up Bike BASE

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The 4-week bike training plan will increase your cycling-specific fitness and make you a stronger rider.

It will prepare you for a more challenging race training program.

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Boost Up Bike BASE is a 4-week bike training plan.


Boost Up Bike BASE is for you who want to

  • Increase your cycling-specific fitness.
  • Become a stronger rider.
  • Prepare for a more challenging race training program.


During the four weeks, bike training sessions will mix drills and low-intensity rides with harder muscular endurance. Workouts are 60 or 120 minutes long, and design to work both indoor (on a trainer) and outdoor.

This bike training plan requires about 7 hours per week and includes

  • A weekly training program that will be sent to you every Sunday.
  • Bike training sessions that are clearly described by the minute.
  • An initial cycling test (for heart rate or power) that lays out the ground for your training.

See an overview of Boost Up Bike BASE here.


Boost Up Bike BASE is designed for you who have completed several weeks of structured cycling training. We recommend that you have finished Keep Up Triathlon BASE, or the like, before the start of this bike training plan.

Boost Up Bike BASE is perfect to schedule during the pre-season training program.


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