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Ötillö swimrun world championship

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The Ötillö swimrun World Championship is held the first Monday in September every year. It is to swimrun what Kona (Hawaii) is for triathlon. This is the original swimrun, the mother, the monster…the magical race!

“If you are lucky enough to get a spot at Ötillö World Championship, take your time to open up to the atmosphere and the energy of all the racers. The swimrun community is filled with good emotions and energy, try to feed off that!”

Michael Lemmel

Watch our interview with race-director Michael Lemmel

Michael is one of two race-directors, together with Mats Skott he arranges the Ötillö swimrun world championship and the swimrun world series. In this interview, Michael shares his thoughts about the race, the course and his favorite place alongside it.

“The original Ötillö racecourse is a monster. You can’t wrap your head around it. There are 24 islands, that are all different. And the swims vary from nice and calm, to really messy. It is the ultimate swimrun racecourse.”

Michael Lemmel

Starting in Sandhamn, and the very quiet and focused run to the first swim, this is the start of your journey towards the finish line at Utö Värdshus. The first swim, sighting towards a stroboscope on the next island is magical! Swimming as the sun rises and you know you have a fantastic day ahead of you in the Stockholm archipelago is a thrill. The Ötillö swimrun world championship takes you through varied terrain and scenery, everything from the small uninhabited islands to large islands like the infamous Ornö. Where the racers will do the longest run, just shy of a half-marathon.

“Ötillö is such a massive place, and massive course, and massive experience – It changes people’s lives. One thing we should bring with us is that all the emotions, the community and the essence of swimrun emanate from ÖtillÖ World Championship.”

Michael Lemmel
Swimrun team ötillö
Jenny Ramstedt and Anneli Wall at the Ötillö swimrun Utö.

Ötillö is a fantastic combination of a race, just like swimrun is as a sport! The variety of nature, the length of the race and everything that can happen between start and finish.
For me personally, my mood changes as much as nature along with the course changes. I look forward to some parts of the course, embraces changes
Most important always –  to do your best as a team and have fun with your partner! 


Follow the race live

As a spectator of the race, it can be difficult to follow. You need a boat to get around the massive racecourse. But, thankfully, Ötillö broadcast the whole race live with fantastic commentators! So if you are not one of the lucky enough to be able to race the swimrun world championship. Be sure to follow it via this link. The Ötillö swimrun world championship is something extra, and a great watch!

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