Ötillö swimrun Malta – With Michael Lemmel

The Ötillö swimrun Malta is a new race on the World Series this season. Malta, a stunning island with long rich history. Even though Maltas nature is quite scarce, it has long thrived as a trading nation. So, safe to say, this is a place where you will feel welcome, due to its long-going international way of life.

Anyone who is doing the sprint or the experience on Malta will say: Wow! This is a little piece of swimrun paradise.

michael lemmel

Travel to Malta

By plane, travel to Malta international airport. There are many international airlines, as well as Malta’s own carrier who traffics the airport. Transfer from the airport is cheap, taking the bus to Valetta will cost about 1,50 – 2 €. If you want to take a cab. Buy the pre-paid tickets. it is much cheaper, and 24-hour service.

By boat, you can travel to Malta from Pozzallo on Sicily. The trip takes about 90 minutes. A round trip ticket will cost you 82 €.


There are many options on where to stay for this race. Check out Couchsurfing, Airbnb, and hotels on the web. You should without any problems find something that will suit you.

Train for Ötillö swimrun Malta

The world series race is 38,9 kilometers in total, with 13 swims. The longest is 1600 meters, and the shortest 200 meters long. It will be a great race, both run and swim wise. But we recommend that you focus a bit of extra energy working on your muscular endurance for the long swims in the middle of the race! 

Not to miss

Malta is sometimes referred to as the Los Angeles of the Mediterranian. With movie sets from Game of Thrones, The Gladiator, and Troy. You can take the Malta Film Tour.

Also, try the local soft drink Kinnie, made from bitter oranges and a secret blend of herbs (our guess is that it contains rhubarb and ginseng).

We have a little surprise at the end of the world series race, where you run through an old movie set.

Michael Lemmel

Follow the race

For the sprint and experience races on Saturday, go to the Tower to the east of Golden Sands. And during the world series race on Sunday, best is to go by car, so you can follow the racers during the course.

And of course, if you can’t be on sight to follow the race, Go to Ötillö’s website for live coverage.

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