Ötillö swimrun 1000 Lakes

Listen to race director Michael Lemmel talking about the Ötillö world series race 1000 Lakes in Rheinsberg, Germany.

The 1000 lakes swimrun just north of Berlin is a fast-flat course through forests with almost no underbrush. It has trees growing all the way up to the edge of the water, so there are almost no waves. Running in the forest feels like running through a tunnel of trees.

Michael Lemmel


Traveling to the race is quite easy. For participants who aren’t local. We suggest that you first travel to Berlin, and from there take the train to Rheinsberg. The train ride takes about 1,5 hours. You can also rent a car and drive approximately 70 kilometers. Book your train tickets here.


Accommodations range from expensive hotels to hostels. There are options for everybody’s taste and budget. A word of advice though. Book as soon as possible. This period is a busy time in the area because of its fantastic nature. 

Going to the place, think about that this used to be part of eastern Germany, and it hasn’t been commercialized. You won’t find a coffee shop in every corner. This is how the world used to be. Also, take a second to feel the energy of the forest.

Michael Lemmel

The race-course is flat and fast. And is accessible for spectators. Rent bike’s to follow the race. Don’t miss out on the Schloss Rheinsberg, where you can take in some local history as well as the race. 

Navigation in open water swimming

Many racers remember the castle from the first year due to the cold. That year the race was six weeks later in the year. Nowadays when you get out of the water and look at the castle with its fantastic sculptures, you can feel the warmth of the old atmosphere.

Michael Lemmel

Training advice for Ötillö 1000 Lakes

Training for this race, you should focus on long intervals. It is a flat course, with long runs, long swims with few transitions between the disciplines. Also, don’t forget to pack all your essentials! Download our Checklist for your swimrun race day.

Lovisa Jönsson will travel to the race together with Anna Karlsson as team TOT Swimrun. They are looking forward to an adventure, and to see the town. “And it will be so much fun cheering on the sprint the day before,” Anna says. “Also, trying the highly recommended vegan burgers” – Lovisa adds.

TOT Swimrun before traveling to Germany for Ötillö 1000 Lakes
Lovisa Jönsson and Anna Karlsson after a local swim competition

A special memory from the race was when the team went out at five in the morning looking for wild boar and listening to the red deer. Just having a break from the race and enjoy nature was spectacular.

Michael Lemmel

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