Nicholas Roman – Founder of EX swimrun

Nicholas is a fun-loving swimrunner who is always looking for new adventures and experiences. It got him into the sport, and got him into creating races. Read the interview with this energetic and happy athlete!

 I have to do this!

Nicholas roman, when first discovering swimrun

How did you discover swimrun?

It was a friend of mine on Runmarö who told me about the sport. She said you have to try it, and I went out and swam with her, and felt I have to do this! I did my first year of swimrunning in my old windsurfing wetsuit from like 1982, where the shoulders are not meant to come up at all. Swimming was really tough in the beginning, but it was fun, and I got hooked straight away!

My first race was Amfibiemannen on Arholma.

What makes swimrun so addictive as a sport?

For me its about exploring nature more than racing. I do some races, but I do just as much swimrun-safari as we call it on Runmarö where we go out for one or two hours in one direction, and then head back. Experience new places in new ways where nothing is off-limits. You can just go wherever you want, and that’s what I like. It’s not like in triathlon where you have to put your bike in a certain spot, and your shoes somewhere, you just take your stuff and go! 

Training for swimrun, what’s the most fun?

At the moment, it’s the swimming. I’ve started to swim regularly, and working on my technique. And I’m actually getting good at swimming! So swimming isn’t that tough anymore, now I enjoy swimming. Otherwise, it’s running, I run all the time, but usually, I don’t start swimming until April. This year I’ve been swimming throughout winter til now. I’m looking forward to getting out there swimming open water this year, and that hasn’t happened before. 

A good way to get to know your neighbors.

Nicholas Roman on swimrunning in the archipelago

What’s the most fun part of racing?

I definitely have a race mentality, so I pick my game up when it comes to racing. So I go much harder than I would on a swimrun-safari, which I enjoy for the experience. I always try to beat the person in front of me, I’m not elite or anything, I’m in the middle somewhere, but its fun just trying to beat someone. 

Doing the safaris, it can take as much time as it needs. We usually run into people along the way. Stopping to grab a drink and talk. Which is cool, because most people have never seen a swimrunner out in the archipelago, and we come across their island in their yard and ask for a glass of water. So we meet a lot of people out there that are wondering what we are doing. 

Speaking of racing, tell us a little bit about EX swimrun?

Yes, we launched the EX swimrun. EX stands for Edsviken Experience. It’s me, Per and Elizabeth – we have done a lot of races both international and in Sweden, we’ve done the world series and Rockman, and we picked out the best parts of all the races and we wanted to create something experience-based, easy to get to and something to stir things up and do it differently. So we launched some new things like the pursuit start, where we start the best teams at the very end and they have to chase everybody to see if they can pass them before coming back to the finish. 

We’ve also launched the ARK Super Sprint that is one kilometer, which will be really really tough. They will compete in heats trying to beat each other. And we will have one final, and after the one final we will have the world’s first Super Sprint champion in male and female. 

Nicholas before jumping
The Falcon Mountain Base Jump

You also have the Falcon Mountain Base Jump by Dewalt in the end, tell us more!

We are going to finish the EX Swimrun with a 5,5-6 meter jump of a ramp on the Falcon mountain. You don’t have to do the jump, of course, you can opt for a 75-meter extra run plus an extra 75 meter swim to get down to the water. So, you will get a time advantage doing the jump. But then again, you might lose your goggles, you might lose your pull buoy. But since it’s the last swim of the race, you might take the chance? 

We are also going to have prices for the best jumps.

You have been training with us for a while, what’s it like?

Well, for one. It has made me go to the pool to do my swimming. And two it made swimming more fun because it is structured. Without it, I would just do what others are doing and go out jog for 7 kilometers and wonder why I’m not getting better. It has a nice variety and structure and I can feel the difference. and see it in the times for running and swimming. 

It makes training fun, and if it’s not fun, you’re not going to do it. 

Info about EX swimrun

When: October 4th, 2020
Distance:  23 kilometers (18k running, 5k swimming)

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