Mandatory equipment for swimming

Mandatory equipment for swimming? Almost all races have mandatory equipment for the swim section. And here are some of the usual things to bring. Be sure to read the race information beforehand. 

There are differences between sports. In swimrun for example, you will need more equipment due to safety. Since you and your racing partner need to be able to help yourself and each other waiting for aid to arrive. In triathlon, you are seldom far from safety boats or land. Here we take a look at the equipment that usually is part of the mandatory equipment for races.

Mandatory equipment in swimrun

First aid kit

  • The first aid kit consists of a pressure bandage and adhesive dressing (as a minimum). There are swimrun marketed options if you don’t buy that kind. Take some time to waterproof your first aid kit. If the situation calls for its use. Be prepared! 


  • Calling for help can be difficult at sea or when in pain in the woods. It is easier to blow a whistle to get attention. Therefore it is crucial to have it within reach at all times. 


  • Compass for swimrun. Some races have it as a piece of mandatory equipment (the ÖtillÖ World Championship for one). Some modern sports watches carry a compass function. But check with the race director or athlete contact before you arrive if that is an option. 


  • Covered in a separate post.  

Swim cap

  • Supplied by the race organization, must be worn during all swims. If you need to wear an extra swim cap or neoprene headband, wear it underneath.  

In triathlon, however, there is less equipment that is mandatory and more regulations around the actual equipment that is allowed. But, there is still some equipment that you will need. And that is that you wear your swim cap for the whole swim, and recommended is the use of a wetsuit. The wetsuit is as said not mandatory but recommended by the race organizations. Wear it between 15,9 degrees Celsius and 22 degrees in ITU races, and up to 24,5 degrees celsius in Ironman races

In swimming races, the mandatory equipment is at a bare minimum. Use the swim cap supplied by the race organization. And often, it is not written, but mandatory because of decency is a swimsuit covering your privates.  

The easy way of remembering all the gear

Download our checklist for swimrun here

Race day checklist for Swimrun (download)

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