Linnea Funered – going long-distance

Some people talk about it, some people act – Linnea Funered is one of the latter. Inspired by her drive and positive mindset, I want to share Linnea’s journey into triathlon with you.

So follow along…

How did you end up doing triathlon?

During the last two years, I’ve been cycling more and more. But I wanted some more to not lose my motivation, so I went for the Swedish Classics Circuit.

During my training and racing, I realized that I really enjoy swimming, cycling and running.

Well, there you go – a triathlon was a natural next step. So I signed up for Ironman 70.3 Jönköping.

In the Swedish Classics Circuit, you have to finish 90 km cross country skiing, 300km cycling, 3km open water swimming and 30km cross country running. Quite challenging if you ask!?

Why did you start training with a coach?

Doing one sport at the time is hard enough. But when I had to handle three together, I felt a bit overwhelmed. And I had no idea how to train and prepare for a triathlon.

So instead of googling everything myself, I decided to turn to someone that already knew how to plan my training.

What about your training before we meet?

Before I joined TOT Triathlon, my training was more on an hourly basis with higher intensity, rather than long and slow distance.

Yes, I trained a lot, and sometimes I went to the gym two times a day. But it was never with endurance-training in mind.

However, my time at the gym has made me pretty good at pushing myself. So in a way, it has strengthened both my body and mind.

What is the advantage of an individual training plan?

Above all, my plan is geared toward my goal for the season. And it gives me direction and something to aim for.

I know, it is not hard to mark the event in my calendar but to fill the weeks before the race is more complicated.

Having a plan filled with training helps me to focus on what is important and to prepare mentally. I have noted that I challenge myself more instead of being stuck in the same old rut.

I challenge myself more with a plan, says Linnea Funered.

What do you think about the zone training?

I think the zone training is excellent. But with mixed emotions, I should add.

As I said, I come from more of an all-out approach, so the hardest part is to stay confident in zone 2. But I see the result of my training, so I am getting more and more convinced that I do the right thing!

One thing – I fear the tough test weeks. But they are a good reality check and a perfect way to understand my capacity. As well as to help me set up and update my training zones for the coming period.

So, for me, the zone training has given me an extra tool to get to learn how my body feels in different situations.

How do you juggle family, work, and training?

[Big laugh] It is all about planning. I have my four-year-old son bi-weekly, and I run my own consultancy business. And since I live in the countryside, I have some travel time each day. 

Well, I put a fair amount of time on triathlon, so I have to prioritize. But sometimes I don’t understand how I manage to squeeze everything in.

I try to involve people around me as much as possible. If my partner and I have an activity with the kids, I use the time going back and forward to work out. The family go by car, and I run or bike.

I am fortunate that I have a lot of friends that enjoy and understand my passion for training – and are happy to adjust to my schedule.

What advice would you give to someone new to triathlon?

Easy one.

  • Define your motivation and goal.
  • Involve people around you to get the necessary support.
  • Have fun. So you can enjoy the journey.

I can only agree with Linnea. You should foremost do it for yourself – not for anyone else. Define why you want to train and what you are trying to accomplish. To stay healthy is equally good as aiming for the podium. Make it your choice.

That said. Whether you are a beginner and ask yourself – how to start triathlon training? – or a seasoned triathlete, we know that you want to make the most out of your training effort.

So, for your training to become relevant, motivating, and also to help prepare for an upcoming triathlon race, you are served by an individual triathlon training plan.

If you want our help to structure your training, register your information in the form below. We will then send you a recommended structure. And it is for free.

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