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Ready to become an Ironman? Our personalized Ironman triathlon training plan will help you achieve your goals and crush your race day. The step-by-step guidance will keep you motivated and injury-free throughout your training journey. Don’t just dream of crossing that finish line – make it a reality with our expert training plan. Sign up…


Ready to become an Ironman? Our personalized Ironman triathlon training plan will help you achieve your goals and crush your race day. Our step-by-step guidance will keep you motivated and injury-free throughout your training journey.

Don’t just dream of crossing that finish line – make it a reality with our expert training plan.

Sign up today and take the first step toward becoming an Ironman!

Ironman triathlon training plan

Depending on your current fitness level and the time before your Ironman event, you choose to train for 36, 24, or 12 weeks.

All plans are individualized and include,

  • How much, how often, and how hard you should train.
  • Structured training with a good mix of all disciplines.
  • Detailed and explained sessions, each with a clear purpose.
  • Continuous testing and zone-based training.
  • Race simulations and form weeks to prepare you for an Ironman.

A mix of science and art

Our Ironman triathlon training plan is designed by experienced coaches who know what it takes to succeed in triathlon. All training plans and workouts are grounded in endurance sports science and are thoroughly tested. And to make your triathlon journey inspiring and positive, we constantly vary the training during the season.

36-week training plan

The 36-week complete Ironman triathlon training plan includes three blocks, iterating a progression in workload and intensity with recovery weeks.

The first block aims to increase your aerobic capacity and general ability in triathlon. Then the Ironman triathlon training plan focuses on extending your muscular endurance and speed in all disciplines. With its race-specific training and pacing, the final block puts everything together and prepares you for the Ironman triathlon event.

For who? You may have yet to gain experience in triathlon, but with a dream of accomplishing an end-of-the-season Ironman. You realize that you need more time to prepare and are willing to commit to something extraordinary. Sign up today!

24-week training plan

This version of the Ironman triathlon training plan is more condensed than the 36-week plan. However, it contains all the necessary ingredients to make you a successful athlete. It includes everything from the most vital long-distance sessions to demanding strength and high-intensity intervals to race-day preparation. You will be ready to become an Ironman!

For who? Training in several sports simultaneously is more complex. You have trained in triathlon on your own for some time but need more guidance and structure. Sign up today and demystify your Ironman journey.

12-week training plan

The 12-week Ironman triathlon training plan will take you through three iterations (á 4 weeks) of ever-increasing training intensity. Sessions mix force, muscular- and anaerobic endurance with long slow distance training. This plan is demanding, so we recommend you already have a good endurance base.

For who? With previous experience in endurance sports and being somewhat time-constrained, you are ready to dedicate three months of structured triathlon training to reach your seasonal goal. Now is the time to sign up!

How does it work?

  1. Subscribe to an Ironman triathlon training plan that fits your needs.
  2. During the onboarding process, you will choose how much you want to train on average per week. (We provide the Ironman triathlon training plan ranging between 6 to 14 hours per week.)
  3. As soon as everything is set, we will send you a weekly training program every weekend for the upcoming week.
  4. In short, all you have to do is to follow the plan and prepare yourself to become an Ironman.

So sign up today – welcome!


12-week plan, 24-week plan, 36-week plan

41 reviews for Ironman triathlon training plan

  1. Erik Svensson

    Att påbörja Ironman-träningen var skrämmande, men denna plan var min räddning. Steg-för-steg vägledningen och den gradvisa uppbyggnaden av uthållighet var precis vad jag behövde. Jag kände mig förberedd och att korsa mållinjen var det mest episka ögonblicket i mitt liv!

  2. Diego Morales

    El equilibrio entre la natación, la bicicleta y la carrera en este plan es fantástico. Me empujó pero también aseguró que no me agotara. El apoyo de la comunidad y los recursos recomendados fueron increíblemente útiles. ¡Lograr este sueño no habría sido posible sin un enfoque tan estructurado!

  3. Miguel Timana

    I am in 4 week of my 24 weeks for Ironman full distance and this is my first race.
    It’s was a surprise for me start again with a rythm slow when I get used to train so hard in the past but without any orientation, now with this plan I am focus and I feel that the process is working over me in good way and I can see my improvement in swimming and my confidence is raising after each week. Even though I don’t have finished exhaust I understand that’s is the route that we have to do before to become in an new Ironman athlete.
    Thanks a lot Joachim and really I am enjoying this new challenges in my life.
    See you in the finish line ????☺️

  4. Chloé Lefebvre

    Je ne me suis jamais sentie aussi préparée. Ce plan m’a poussée à mes limites, tout en restant réaliste et faisable. Les conseils sur la nutrition et la récupération étaient pointus. J’ai terminé mon premier Ironman grâce à ce programme exceptionnel!

  5. Morgan Davies

    I appreciated how the plan adjusted for different experience levels. The detailed swim, bike, and run sessions, coupled with the strength and mobility exercises, made all the difference. Completing an Ironman has been a dream, and this plan was the roadmap I needed.

  6. Taylor Brown

    The variety in training kept me engaged and constantly learning. From the brick workouts to the open water swims, every part of this plan was geared towards making you an Ironman. The race day strategies were particularly helpful. Challenging and life-changing.

  7. Alejandro Mendoza

    Embarcarse en el entrenamiento para Ironman fue intimidante, pero este plan fue mi salvación. La orientación paso a paso y el aumento gradual de la resistencia fueron exactamente lo que necesitaba. Me sentí preparado, ¡y cruzar esa línea de meta fue el momento más épico de mi vida

  8. Lisa Wong

    What an incredible experience! The plan is comprehensive, with every aspect of training, nutrition, and recovery covered. It’s tough, demanding, and utterly rewarding. Finishing the Ironman felt surreal, and it’s all thanks to this meticulously crafted training plan.

  9. Sofia Sánchez

    Este plan me transformó de un atleta casual a un Ironman. Los entrenamientos son desafiantes pero factibles, y el énfasis en la recuperación es genial. Aprendí mucho sobre mi cuerpo y de lo que soy capaz. ¡Este viaje ha sido nada menos que asombroso!

  10. Stefan Müller

    As someone who’s always been competitive, this plan provided the structure and rigor I needed. The mix of intensity and endurance training was spot-on. I’ve grown not just physically but mentally and emotionally through this process. Ironman, checked off the bucket list!

  11. Riley Johnson

    This plan transformed me from a casual athlete to an Ironman! The workouts are challenging but doable, and the emphasis on recovery is great. I learned so much about my body and what I’m capable of. It has been nothing short of amazing!

  12. Stina Wilde

    Aldrig trott att jag skulle kunna göra en Ironman, men här är jag, en Ironman-finisher! Planens detaljerade dagliga träningspass och praktiska näringsråd var avgörande. Det är tufft, ingen lögn, men den personliga triumfen är absolut värt varje svettdroppe!

  13. Mikaela Lager

    De detaljerade sim, cykel och löppassen, tillsammans med styrka- och rörlighetsövningar, gjorde hela skillnaden. Att slutföra en Ironman har varit en dröm.

  14. Sophie Moreau

    Ce plan a révolutionné ma préparation. Chaque séance était bien pensée, équilibrant endurance et intensité. J’ai particulièrement apprécié les conseils sur la gestion de course. J’ai franchi la ligne d’arrivée en me sentant forte et accomplie, une victoire personnelle énorme!

  15. Isabella Navarro

    ¡Nunca pensé que podría hacer un Ironman, pero aquí estoy, como finalista de Ironman! Los detalles diarios de los entrenamientos y los consejos prácticos de nutrición fueron cruciales. Es duro, no voy a mentir, pero el triunfo personal vale absolutamente cada gota de sudor.

  16. Dev Sharma

    The balance between the swim, bike, and run in this plan is fantastic. It pushed me but also ensured I didn’t burn out. The community support and resources recommended were incredibly helpful. Achieving this dream wouldn’t have been possible without such a structured approach.

  17. Anna Karlsdotter

    Denna plan förvandlade mig från en tillfällig idrottare till en Ironman! Träningspassen är utmanande men genomförbara, och tonvikten på återhämtning är stor. Jag lärde mig så mycket om min kropp och vad jag är kapabel till. Denna resa har varit inget annat än fantastisk

  18. Casey Donovan

    Never thought I could do an Ironman, but here I am, an Ironman finisher! This plan’s detailed daily workouts and practical nutrition tips were crucial. It’s tough, no lie, but the personal triumph is absolutely worth every drop of sweat!

  19. Marc Girard

    Quelle transformation! Les entraînements étaient variés et complets, me préparant pour chaque aspect de la course. La planification était claire et motivante. Terminer l’Ironman est désormais une réalité pour moi, et c’est grâce à ce plan structuré.

  20. Julien Dubois

    Entamer la formation Ironman semblait un défi immense, mais ce plan a été mon guide. La progression était parfaite, augmentant l’intensité sans me submerger. Franchir la ligne d’arrivée était un moment incroyable. Une expérience inoubliable.

  21. Alex Petrov

    Embarking on the Ironman training was intimidating, but this plan was a lifesaver. The step-by-step guidance and the gradual build-up of endurance were exactly what I needed. I felt prepared, and crossing that finish line was the most epic moment of my life.

  22. Olivia Johnson

    I’ve completed several Ironman triathlons in the past, and I have to say that this 24-week training plan is one of the best I’ve used. The mix of workouts is perfect for keeping things interesting and challenging, and the plan is easy to follow and adapt to my schedule. I particularly appreciate the attention to detail in the cycling workouts, which have really helped me improve my power and speed. Overall, this is a top-notch training plan that I’d recommend to any serious triathlete.

  23. Emma Watson

    I’ve been using this 24-week plan for the past few months, and I have to say that I’m really impressed with the structure and variety of workouts. The plan does an excellent job of mixing up the training with a good balance of swimming, cycling, and running workouts, which has helped me stay motivated and avoid boredom. The plan is also very well organized, with clear instructions and easy-to-follow schedules, which makes it easy to stay on track with my training. Overall, I highly recommend this training plan for anyone looking to tackle an Ironman triathlon.

  24. Alexander Anderson

    The Ironman training gave me the guidance and structure I needed to confidently attack the challenge. The workouts are demanding. But I noticed the result, so I pushed myself. I am prepared to complete Ironman Australia thanks to the comprehensive training from TOT.

  25. Ethan Williams

    As a beginner triathlete, I was a bit intimidated by the prospect of training for an Ironman race. However, this 36-week training plan has made the process much more manageable and enjoyable. The workouts are well-balanced and progressively challenging. I’ve noticed significant improvements in my endurance and performance, and I’m confident that with this training plan, I’ll be ready to tackle the Ironman distance on race day.

  26. Charlotte Taylor

    As a seasoned triathlete, I was looking for a training plan that would push me to the next level and the 24-week plan did not disappoint. The workouts are demanding but doable and the explanations of each session’s purpose are extremely helpful. I really recommend TOT.

  27. Emily Gonzalez

    I am satisfied with the results after training with this plan for the past months. The training is balanced and includes a mix of endurance, strength, and flexibility training. Each session is clearly explained and the progression from week to week is gradual and manageable.

  28. Benjamin Rodriguez

    In the beginning, I was intimidated by the thought of training for an Ironman. However, 24 weeks of training with TOT has made the process much more manageable. I felt much more confident in my ability to complete Ironman Hamburg thanks to it. And I am an Ironman.

  29. Sophia Garcia

    I recently purchased the Ironman training plan and I am highly impressed by the level of detail and organization. The plan starts with a thorough assessment of your current fitness level and sets appropriate goals for the training. Every workout has a clear goal and the plan progresses in a logical way. I also appreciate the support provided by the plan’s creators, who promptly answer any questions I have. Overall, I highly recommend this training plan to anyone preparing for an Ironman or looking to improve their performance.

  30. Noah Smith

    This 24-week Ironman training plan is exactly what I needed to get in shape for my first Ironman race. The structured workouts and progressive training approach have helped me build endurance and improve my performance in all three disciplines. The plan also includes helpful tips and guidance on recovery, which have been essential to my success. I’m confident that with this training plan, I’ll be able to cross the finish line on race day.

  31. William Jones

    The initial tests set my training zones. Every workout has a clear purpose and the plan progress in my tempo. I like how clear and straightforward each workout session is. Thanks TOT.

  32. Abigail Brown

    I recently purchased the 36-week Ironman training plan, and I’ve been really impressed with the level of detail and structure. The plan includes a good mix of swimming, cycling, and running workouts, and the progressive training approach has helped me build endurance and improve my performance in all three disciplines. Overall, I’d highly recommend this training plan to anyone looking to do an Ironman triathlon.

  33. Piia Nydén

    The best program to prepare for my racing. You have to step out of your comfort zone because there are a lot of intervals and brick sessions…I really love it….all the hard preseason work finally feels worth everything…I am prepared and ready for the race…

  34. Fredrik Svensson

    High volume and increasing intensity through out the 12-week period in perfect combination to get stronger and avoid injuries.

  35. Veronica Warneskog

    I really like the Keep up programs because it helps me a lot to train in a structural way and to “hold back” before the race season. It helps me not to train too hard too early in the season but still you get the flow and also the focus on strength and to build up your body as well as your focus when it is time to accelerate your training. I’m a person who wants to take care of and to oversee my own training but need and appreciate the help to dispose the amount in each discipline. Also, the help with how hard and not to forget when it´s time for rest. I do like the recurrent tests in the program to find out the different zone to train in. The tests also a good way to see and follow your development. I also like the community and the prestigeless atmosphere on FB. You can always ask questions and you will never feel that any question is to silly to ask. You will meet the experienced triathletes as well as the one just started their journey. Not to forget all the interesting Bloggs and small videos explaining and let you know more about how to train, advice of equipment or what to think of on your Raceday.

  36. Jonas Ståhl

    In week 3 of my first 12 weeks of the build period, eventually leading up to IM in Italy in September. I wanted a plan to help me get away from the training that I’ve been doing for years; Going too slow when supposed to go fast and going too hard when supposed to take it easy…;-) I am riding outdoors and am struggling a bit with the quality training but I will do them on a trainer instead. I’ve received great help from TOT in designing a perfect set-up for me to reach IM in September with a few pit-stops on the way as a 2000km bike ride over seven days…five weeks before the IM event…this has been taken into consideration as well. Great support along the way as well.

  37. Kim Carlsson

    A great way to get going again after some time with spontaneous base training. It’s very nice to follow a structured program and know that you are doing the right things at the right time. Quick and friendly feedback – both before registration and after. Highly recommended!

  38. Mike Goddard

    I am in week 4 of the build, having just completed a 4-week bike focus. These first-class programs focus mainly on endurance and base building (following the 80:20 rule). I have noticed a distinct improvement in my aerobic capacity, with my resting heart rate decreasing from 45 to 42. My heart rate in level 2 training also reducing as the cardiovascular system becomes more efficient. I thoroughly recommend the training plan and look forward to further improvement leading to my first triathlon for 2020 in May and the world championships in Edmonton, Canada, in August. Well done so far TOT.

  39. Piia Nydén

    After winter base training and 4 week of bike base its time to level up a bit. Its still a lot of base sessions. A program to get structured training whithout pushing too hard or go too slow and sometimes you have to push your limits as well. A perfect program to get ready for upcoming season and great support from tot when you needed.

  40. Jose Marin

    It is a structured training plan with progressions customized to me.

  41. Elsa Wangsten

    Great training plan to get you powering on after winter training/base program. With touches of more demanding sessions and intervals in all the disciplines, you’ll be challenged to start pushing your limits. So far, perfect for the upcoming race season!

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