How to start swimrun training for beginners + checklist

For many, swimrun is still synonymous with the Ötillö world championships. Covering the massive 75-kilometer course from Sandhamn to Utö is both daunting and tempting. For most people though, swimrun is not about doing the original and brutal race. It is a way of having fun while training and exploring nature. This is why we created the swimrun training for beginners guide.

So, don’t get put off swimrun before you’ve even started. And now to the question – How to start with swimrun?

Don’t panic

The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

Just as with the Hitchhiker’s guide. The words don’t panic comes to mind. Swimrun is much easier then you may think?! Start out with short swims, and progress. In our guide, we talk about how to structure training, what to do, and when to do it. It sounds harder than it is, for most beginners of swimrun it is more about just doing it to start with. Yet, there are tips and tricks that we as coaches have learned along the way – that we want to share with you!

A beginner’s guide

A good start is our beginner’s guide that covers,

  • Your seasonal goal
  • A structured approach to training
  • Finding the right context
  • It also includes a beginner’s equipment checklist – what you must-have and what is nice-to-have.

So, download our swimrun training for beginner’s guide and kick start your journey.

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