How to run faster – 5 Drills

How to incorporate running drills and good running form into your running


Start by warming up. A light jog to get your blood flowing.

Do drills

Choose a couple of drills (look at the purposes of the drills down below). Do 4 sets of 30 seconds on, with a short rest in between.

One thing at the time

Don’t sprint the drills, focus on form when running, and focus on the drill at hand.

Everyone wants to get better at running, but what are we doing to run faster? For you to be able to cope with your workout load and the strain that it puts on your body, you need a strong body that can work out, compete, recover…and stay injury-free.

The exercises below will strengthen your body from the hips down. Everything you use to run, as well as working on your timing and body control to run stronger, smoother and faster. We love running drills, and we incorporate them into our running programs, both the seasonal programs and in this run specific training plan:

5 Drills to make you a faster runner

These 5 exercises are a perfect way to start your run workout as a technique and strength exercises. However, start with a light jog for about 5 minutes so that the body gets going. Do each exercise for 4 sets of 30 seconds and lightly jog 10-15 seconds between each set. In total it will be about 15 minutes. Not a long time, but it will benefit you greatly in the long run (get it? Long run.. I thought I was funny). Further read on how to plan a sustainable season, click here!

You do not need to do the exercises in the order they are presented below. Each exercise is individual and can of course only be done if you are running out of time. You can also start the exercise walking so to move controlled. Vary, and gladly start with the ones that are easiest for you so you gradually warm up!

High knees – running drill

How to:
Start lifting your leg, driving your knee upwards.
Accelerate, and then relax, so that the knee travels with speed upwards towards your chest.
Try not to round your back.

Focus on:
Explosive start.
The relaxed ending of movement.

Good for:
Strengthening the hip flexors.
Foot strength.
Arm movement.

Butt kicks

How to:
Be light on your feet
Start off the movement explosive.
Relax, so that your foot can travel towards your butt

Focus on:
Hips forward.
Don’t “sit back”.
Relax, If you flex your backsides, you will not be able to kick your butt.

Good for:
Leg strength.

Ravelli steps

Ravelli steps. The classic step created (or at least popularized by the Swedish national team’s goalie) Thomas Ravelli.

How to:
Run with your legs straight.
Land under your body.
Bounce on the sole of your foot.

Focus on:
Don’t lose tension in the wrist.

Good for:
Finding your landing during running.
Strengthening the hip flexors.

The stork

How to:
Start as if you are doing a high knee.
At the top of the movement, around 90 degrees, do a kick out.
Kick your foot forward.

Focus on:
The timing and getting it to be a continuous movement.

Good for:
Body control.


Carioca is a Brazilian dance but also a running technique exercise!

How to:
Start by taking a step over your midline, landing outside your opposite foot.
Continue the movement by stepping the other foot to the side.

Focus on:
Use your arms for balance and force.

Good for:
Lateral strength.
Activates the hips.

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