6 steps to master swim training drills

It doesn’t matter if your name is John Doe or Ryan Lochte. Swim drills are an essential part of swim training. 

No matter how many hours you have put into the pool, there is always something to work on. And that is great, being fully thaught sounds awful. Right? 

In this series, you can look at some of our favorite swim training drills, and how to do them properly. 

6 steps to becoming a better swimmer:

We have chosen to sort the freestyle stroke into six separate segments. In all featured articles, you will both be able to read about that part of the stroke and watch our videos on different swim drills that will improve your skillset in that area.

The Catch

The part of your stroke from when your hand enters the water, up until you are able to start pulling yourself forward.

The Pull

This part starts where the catch ends, and continues until the hand exits the water.

The Recovery

It is the part of the stroke that occurs above the surface.

The Kick

Kicking in swimming is not the biggest power output, but, it is crucial for water position and reducing frontal drag.

The Rotation

The way you rock your body from side to side to create your optimal streamlined position and best power output.

The Head position

How you hold your head, and where you look will greatly impact your position in the water.

Doing drills from these six areas will improve your swimming. 

Willing is not enough. We must do.

Bruce lee

Analyze your stroke

With all this said, if you want to become a better swimmer? You have two things on your agenda, the first is to swim. The other is to analyze your weak spots and adjust. 

Read, watch our films and analyze your own swimming. Then do!

If you want to get a head start, we suggest you sign up for our online video analysis!

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