Equipment for swimrun – Checklist for race day

This is the checklist that we use for equipment for swimrun when we are going to races. It can also act as an inspiration for what type of equipment you may need going forward in your commitment to the sport of swimrun.

You have probably trained a lot for your race, and with that commitment to swimrun, it would be a major stress to realize just before the start that you have forgotten something at home.

All in check

Having a checklist is a great way of taking control of the nervousness that comes with racing. So for you stop thinking about what gear you might have missed, this checklist will help you pack all the things you will need.

You can never control everything, the weather can change or the racecourse maybe has to be changed!?

But by using our checklist for the race day, you can rest and be assured that you have done everything that you can do. As it says on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Do you want to be sure that you have done everything that you can do before race day? Check out our training program for swimrun

Your checklist for race day

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