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We started TOT Endurance because we believe that endurance sports are for everyone! At the same time, we know from many years of coaching and being active ourselves that getting into structured and sustainable training can be hard.

TOT Endurance Club is here for you to create a way to structure your training so that it fits into your life. Adding to your total, not taking away from it.

For everyone

  • TOT endurance club is an online community and a virtual coach that provides training and knowledge wherever you live.
  • With the club, we created a place for everyone, regardless of if you are a member of another sports club or training by yourself.
  • Triathletes, swimrunners, or any other kind of endurance athletes…you are all welcome!

TOE LINE – I love the idea of the toe line in swimrun. It is not only a great piece of equipment. It is also a manifestation of the team spirit and the great partnership between you and your teammate. Who would you like to stay tethered to for a couple of hours? :)⠀

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ENTANGLEMENT – Just like keeping your pull belt untangled. Keeping your life structured between home life, work, and training needs discipline and order. We know this and have developed our training programs so that they can be fitted into your life! ⠀

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EQUIPMENT – Every swimrunner is different. And we all have different needs when it comes to training and racing. Some people like to have lots of equipment, and benefit from it. Some use less equipment. What type of person are you? Me personally, I go by the motto that less is more (partly because it is a great way of saying that you otherwise will forget half of it 😛 )⠀

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More than a training program

Being part of the club you’ll get so much more than “just a training program”. Yes, of course, you will get a weekly training program – including session of swim, bike, run and row.

Added to this, you will be part of a group that consists of endurance athletes in many different sports as well as the coaches. Together, we support and lift each other, and we strive to help each other out and share our knowledge.

Many endurance athletes like to structure their season around a specific end of season race, and then use the rest of the season to prepare for that main event. But in between those periods of race-specific training, we want to keep somewhat fit right?

Changing from season to season and athlete to athlete, the goals and plans vary, yet being part of a group will help you boost yourself regardless of if you are going into race-season or training for the fun of it!

Friendship… It is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.

Muhammad Ali

At TOT Endurance we understand what friendship means. And, we will support you on your journey.

Welcome to TOT

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