How to guide – Swimrun training [checklist]

Swimrun is a great adventure. But how do you train for it? In this article we will help you to take your swimrun experience to the next level. In swimrun, you often find yourself in places you [...]


15 dryland strength exercises for swimmers

Become a better swimmer by increasing your strength, flexibility and overall physical mobility with our 15 dryland strength exercises. It is hard to build muscle through swimming alone. Despite [...]


13 core exercises for endurance athletes

With our 13 core exercises, you become a stronger endurance athlete. Ready to swim, bike and run more efficiently and faster than before. As an endurance athlete, your focus often lies on volume [...]


How to calculate your training zones – free download

Understanding what intensity you should train at is crucial for you to build your capacity. For a kick-start, download our free calculator and set your training zones. The framework of zone [...]


How to threshold test and set training zones – free download

Determine your lactate threshold with the tests we use in our training programs. Then set your training zones with the help of our calculator. The overall scope of your training is, of course, to [...]


The run-walk method for better endurance

The run-walk method is a simple and effective way to improve endurance, avoid injury, and boost run motivation. Try this and train and race with a smile. We have all been there – right [...]


Mental assessment tool for endurance athletes

Regardless of your starting point and your goal, endurance training is all about commitment. No matter what distance you are aiming for, you have to be willing to spend hours doing repetitive [...]


8 tips to get back to training after a break

Get back to training faster and make it a daily habit with our 8 tips. Download our free 4-week escalation training plan. So you got off track with your training!? Well, do not stress too much [...]


Idöborg – A new star on the swimrun map

For you as a swimrunner, Idöborg, is a hidden gem in the archipelago of Stockholm. The untouched nature, the food at the newly opened beach bar (Strandbaren) and the excellent training [...]


Ingmarie Nilsson – friendship and adventure of swimrun

Ingmarie Nilsson is a swimrunner, yogi, former elite runner, and one of the most exciting people you’ll probably meet. We wanted to share her story with everyone! Also, she has done our [...]

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