12-week beginner triathlon training plan

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Our 12-week beginner triathlon training plan is designed to help you new to the sport of triathlon prepare for your first event.

It includes,

  • Structured training with a good mix of all disciplines.
  • Detailed and explained sessions, each with a clear purpose.
  • Continuous testing and zone-based training.

The individual training plan builds up gradually and guides you in how much, how often, and how hard you should train.

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Are you ready to take on the challenge of a triathlon? Our 12-week beginner triathlon training plan is the perfect way to get started.

Our structured program includes a balanced mix of all disciplines – swimming, cycling, and running – and is designed to help you prepare for your first event.

With detailed and explained sessions, you will know exactly what to expect and how to achieve your goals. Each session has a clear purpose and is designed to build you up gradually, so you will know how much, how often, and how hard to train.

Our 12-week beginner triathlon training plan also includes continuous testing and zone-based training, so you can track your progress and see your improvements. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some experience with one or more of the disciplines, our beginner training plan will guide you every step of the way.

Do not wait any longer. Sign up today and start your triathlon journey. With our comprehensive training plan, you’ll be ready to tackle your first event in no time!

19 reviews for 12-week beginner triathlon training plan

  1. Patrik Adolfsson

    The perfect program to get back in shape to level up before the races. Easy instructions to follow!

  2. Fredrik Zetterberg

    This program helps me to train in a structured way and not too hard and too often. To be able to fulfill my goal later this year. The schedule helps to stay motivated! I will stay with TOT Endurance!

  3. Rickard Tiger

    Really good, has good instructions and easy to follow! Keep up the good job!

  4. Anna

    As I started with triathlon training only a couple of months ago, I needed some help. Since I started following this program, I am so happy with my results. Even though some days felt very easy, and I started to think that I did not train enough, my test results told me something else! Im so happy with this program.

  5. Johan Wedin

    Jag gillade konceptet med mail med nya träningsuppgifter varje vecka… Det skapade en nyfikenhet inför kommande vecka. Personligen är jag dålig på uppvärming och nervarvning så där slarvade jag… Jag märkte resultat efter vecka 3 ungefär…

  6. Helen Ferin

    Vi valde att träna tillsammans och kunde hjälpas åt med programmet. Det var roligt och spännande med nytt upplägg varje vecka. Bra med youtube-klippen som jag tittade på dagen innan. Supernöjd och bra upplägg! Nu klarar vi lätt att ta oss i mål!

  7. Henrik Wristel

    The program has really helped me to stay on the right track. In this period of my training, it´s nice to know that the effort I´m doing now will give me the result that I need for upcoming training. With the structure I get with the schedules from TOT, I really can lay focus on my training, and don´t have to think about if I´m training right. My brain can rest 🙂 I really can recommend this program and TOT, their knowledge is SUPER!!!!

  8. Maja Qvarfordt

    Ett program med många detaljer som verkligen hjälper en att välja rätt tidsramar för uppvärmning och nedvarvning och dylikt. Även mycket informativt hur själva träningspassen ser ut med avseende på intervaller och dyl inom t ex cyklingen. Ett stort plus (som jag inte har varit med om innan, även om jag använt mig av liknande tjänster) är självskattningen av t ex sömn, stress och motivation – superviktiga delar som verkligen hänger ihop och kan påverka träningen och vice versa. Jag kan rekommendera den här typen av både program och produkt då mixen av tillgänglighet samt detaljrikedom gör det enkelt för användaren att nå sina träningsmål.

  9. Eva Magnusson

    Snabba svar på mina frågor! Enkla program att följa, ger snabbt resultat! Bara att plocka fram och sätta igång!

  10. Anette

    TOT ENDURANCE is a very inspiring company! Triathlon is a lifestyle and if you sign up you will get a lot of information on the website, training programs and a diary where you fill in sleep quality, motivation, training quality, stress in life etc. Keep on going TOT ENDURANCE!

  11. Anders Alderbrant

    Ett mycket bra program när du vill ha struktur i träningen. Lättare att planera när träningen ska göras när man ska anpassa med jobb och familj. TOT har mycket bra kunskap om träningsupplägg och hur man ska träna. Kan verkligen rekommendera TOT för dig som kanske har svårt att få bra struktur på träningen.

  12. Emma Davidsson

    During the whole program, have I felt taken care of and happy with my choice. TOT is a company that not only helps you with the training, they also help you in life by making you aware of your life situation, for example, “how stressed are you”, “how did you sleep?”. This has been so good for me and helped me realize that in order to do a good training session need I to be in balance in life, it´s not all about the training. I like the website much, the videos are professionally done and with instructions, that’s easy to follow. A big plus is the cheerful emails you receive each week containing the training program. So happy that I signed up for this program! So what are you waiting for? Do like me and sign up! You will not regret it, I know I didn’t 😀

  13. Jonas Eek

    This program helps me to train In a structured way to be able to fullfil my goal later this year. The schedule helps to stay motivated and to know what to do and to combine work, family and training. I will keep training with TOT.

  14. Patrik

    Great to get a detailed schedule each Sunday and don’t have to think what to train 🙂 I’ll continue with more structured training with TOT.

  15. Fredrik Svensson

    This is a perfect way of slowly building up your stamina and to get ready for comming challanges in your training. The training plan contains well structured and periodized weeks and sessions with a great combination between volume and pace. Each session with a clear purpose. I also like the measurable goals with the recurrent tests. I can highly recommend to sign up for a training program with TOT.

  16. Piia Nydén

    If you need help with a sustainable training plan I really recommend this. Its a perfect program to start with…..easy to follow the training plan and instructions for the sessions. A very good platform for harder training further.

  17. Elsa Wangsten

    This is a good way to start your training as you are entering the sport as a newbie or, as in my case, coming back from a bit of rest post race-season. It’s a great way to get your training and body back into routine and back in shape as you’re entering the long run-up towards race-season, creating a great base that you have the chance to build something great on further along!

  18. Olivia Broman

    I chose to join TOT after I had done my two first triathlon races. I wanted an efficient and professional plan that matched my individual goals and furthermore, I wanted to join a community and fuel my motivation. TOT has given me exactly what I searched for. This plan is structured, with lots of variations to the sessions. The website and tips are motivating and constantly updated. This is a very good product and I will keep on using TOT to develop my training.

  19. Linnea Funered

    Heading towards new goals and challenges the triathlon training was a new grounds – and thanks to this program I got a place to start. Following the plan and instructions for sessions was easier (not saying that all sessions was easy…) than expected and I got a bit surprised over how fast I actually improved! I would say that getting help with a plan is one of the best things I’ve done, and TOT is offering a great combination of online programs/support but also keeping the personal touch and contact. Totally recommend!

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