The run-walk method for better endurance

The run-walk method is a simple and effective way to improve endurance, avoid injury, and boost run motivation. Try this and train and race with a smile. We have all been there – right [...]


Mental assessment tool for endurance athletes

Regardless of your starting point and your goal, endurance training is all about commitment. No matter what distance you are aiming for, you have to be willing to spend hours doing repetitive [...]


8 tips to get back to training after a break

So you got off track with your training!? Well, do not stress too much about it – life happens, and it is something to expect as an endurance athlete. We will not dive deep into all of the [...]


Protected: Coach Joachim

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Tränarutbildning för svenska triathlon-föreningar

Med målet att stärka ansvariga i sin roll som triathlontränare och öka föreningarnas kapacitet, har vi utvecklat en digital tränarutbildning på svenska. Joachim Cronquist – Grundare av TOT [...]


Mike Goddard – the crossroad of triathlon

It started with a beer and ended up in the national triathlon team for Great Britain. Or, you might as well say that it began as a volunteer teacher in Kenya, and ended up on the summit of [...]


Boost Up Core

Boost Up Core will strengthen your core and make you a more durable endurance athlete in 4 weeks. The core training program prepares you for more demanding endurance training

  • 3-4 [...]


How to improve your triathlon bike handling skills

To state the obvious – if you have good bike handling skills, you will be a more confident and safer rider. And not to forget, you will have so much more fun when you can focus on the right [...]


Linnea Funered – going long-distance

Some people talk about it, some people act – Linnea Funered is one of the latter. Inspired by her drive and positive mindset, I want to share Linnea’s journey into triathlon with you. [...]


Strength training for cyclists

It is a fact that strength training can improve your endurance performance. Especially in cycling. However, when it comes to strength training for cyclists, the focus has mostly been on the lower [...]