8 tips to get back to training after a break

So you got off track with your training!? Well, do not stress too much about it – life happens, and it is something to expect as an endurance athlete.

We will not dive deep into all of the reasons in this article. For now, let us just divide the “usual suspects” into planned and unplanned events.

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Planned – Most common are family commitments and holidays. Or that you are in your recovery period after your previous season. Adjacent to the latter is those of you who have recently discovered the sport and want to get into it.

Unplanned – Overtime at work appears to be the winner in this category and something that is usually limited in time. Worse are the reasons that sort under overtrained, sickness, and injury (OSI). Roughly, they are more or less the same if you do not pay attention and continue as if nothing has happened.

No matter what, how do you make training a habit (again)?

First, let us state the obvious – if you are an OSI, then you have to take action to become physically and mentally healthy again. That is priority one!

For the rest of us…

How to get back into training

In situations like this, our experience is that it can be good with a “nudge” in the right direction. It is small and consistent actions that make a big difference over time.

So to make training part of your daily routine, let us share 8 tips…

#1: Remember why

Foremost, do it for yourself, not for anyone else. Define why you want to train and what you are trying to accomplish. To stay healthy is equally good as aiming for the podium. It is your choice.

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#2: Start easy

Act smart and give yourself a chance to get going. Think of it, you have not trained for some time, and your previous best is what you should aim for in the long run…it is not the starting point. So hold back on the intensity.

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#3: Minutes not hours

A session of 20 minutes is a lot less daunting than a full 4-hour workout. Remember, doing something is always better than doing nothing. And once you get used to the load, you will more than likely keep going.

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#4: Post-workout high

The thing with a training session is while it can be hard at the moment, you will always (!?) feel great afterward. Try to visualize how good it used to feel.

#5: Make time

It is crucial to clear your schedule and make time specifically for your daily exercise. So, do not find an excuse not to workout. Instead, practice proper time management.

#6: Prepare yourself

Pack your swim gear, set up the bike, lace your shoes, and print the session the day before. That way, you do not waste any valuable time during the (all too busy) morning routine. Also, you start to visualize and prepare mentally. In short, you become motivated!

#7: Find a friend

Join a club, get an exercise buddy, or involve a spouse. Having someone to train with is a perfect way to boost motivation, hold each other accountable, and stick to your workout routine. Not to forget, it adds a social aspect, which brings a little more fun back into working out.

#8: Make it tangible

Triathlon and swimrun present some unique challenges. Whether you participate in the local sprint triathlon or are competing in a grueling full distance ÖtillÖ race, it requires a well-balanced and easy to understand training program.

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4-week escalation training plan

If you do not already have an overall training plan for your season to follow, you could set up a 4-week escalation training plan.

And what is that?

Well, in its purest form, it is a plan where you start off with short and easy workouts. And escalate your efforts in small steps. With a focus on low-intensity endurance training, you will be back in business in no time. Ready for more challenging sessions.

So, download our free template (below) and start planning for your best season ever.

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