3 ways to improve your running

Do you want to improve your running? Running faster, more efficient and further?

How to become a better runner

Running drills

Doing technique drills are crucial in making you a more efficient and therefore a faster runner.

Strength training

Running is a high impact sport and strength training will make your joints more resilient.


Time on your feet, there is no secret to it. And dong long slow distance is a vital step.

Become a better runner by doing the right thing

Running is about doing the right thing at the right time. As much in life, moderation is key. Since training breaks down your body, you need to train up to a point so that your body can recover for your next session.

This is easier said than done for most. But crucial if you want to keep consistent and injury-free in your training.

That’s why you need to mix it up, doing intervals, long slow runs, strength training, and running drills.

It all adds up to the result: Your running form on race-day. 

“It’s what i do that teaches me what i’m looking for”.

Pierre Soulages

Want to boost you running?

Our Boost Up Run is a four-week training plan that consists of workouts focusing on form, aerobic endurance, and muscular endurance. The workouts range from 60-90 minutes each, and every week you train around six hours. Read more here!

So, where do you start your journey to become a better runner?

Running is simple and that is why so many of us love it. It’s just you, a pair of shoes and the trails or roads.

However, within the simplicity lies a forest of knowledge. And to not get stuck not seeing the forest for all the trees, we have structured a series of three articles, where we will – demonstrate running drills, strength training exercises for running and talk about the mysterious subject of how long you should be running during your long runs. Read our blog about how we argue.

Everything needs to be worked on, but not at the same time. So, for this to be relevant and manageable to understand, just follow along in the series…and improve your running on the way. Or, join our club! There we supply a weekly training program for you to follow where we work on running, biking, swimming, and rowing. All for you to maintain a base level of fitness. Check it out!

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