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3 ways to improve your running

3 steps to become a better runner

Do you want to improve your running? Running faster, more efficient and further? This is not simply done by running faster or running more. Even though volume in training of course matters, it’s not a straight line that goes parallel along more volume that equals to becoming a better runner. 

Instead, running is about doing the right thing at the right time. As much in life, moderation is key. Since training breaks down your body, you need to train up to a point so that your body can recover for your next session. This is easier said than done for most. But crucial if you want to keep consistent and injury-free in your training.

That’s why you need to mix it up, doing intervals, long slow runs, strength training, and running drills. It all adds up to the result: Your running form on race-day. 

“It’s what i do that teaches me what i’m looking for”.

Pierre Soulages

So, go out for a run, and self assess. Where do you start your journey to become a better runner?

Become a better runner by doing these 3 steps

Running is simple and that is why so many of us love it. It’s just you, a pair of shoes and the trails/roads. But, within the simplicity lies a forest of knowledge. To not get stuck not seeing the forest for all the trees. We have structured this series into these three articles, we will demonstrate running drills, strength training exercises for running and talk about the mysterious subject of how long you should be running during your long runs.

Everything needs to be worked on, but not at the same time. So, for this to be relevant and manageable to understand, we have structured this series in three different articles, for you to improve your running.

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